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Inside Xbox: Moon + Area-51 Footage


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Dude you think you saw 3 wunder weapons. It is not confirmed, as a matter a fact I'm pretty sure there's only the Wave gun and its variants. Foo please try to be more open to others ideas. You have formed your own theories and suppositions, which are articulate and logical, but you can't seem to look past them. Please try to be more open to others ideas and maybe even try incorporating them into your own. When we work together as a cohesive think tank we are capable of so much more.

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My thoughts are that there will be ATON of wonder weapons. And for gun muel, it porbably isnt a perk :cry: (as in carry 3 weapons) I think it will be something similar to a PAP machine where it would either mix 2 guns (muel is a hybrid) or let you carry it dual wielded. I know this isnt what this topic is about but we are talking about wonder weapons.

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all im saying...remove if necessary.

three gun tequila

gersh device

moon suit costs 1000

15 second outside without it

all characters are back

no traps

phasing zombie possibly seen at around 5-6 seconds in

qed creates bubble dome. whatever happens to one zombie happens to all

could possibly be curse by getting in it yourself

Please dont flame. If you dont want this info then remove it.

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