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With all the issues plaguing black ops..

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I've been playing more MW2 recently. And yes there are still OMA, DC, Commando lunges, but the thing after seeing all the problems with Black Ops, I've actually come to appreciate all the noobtubing and the commando lunges. To me, it seems to make the game really fun. When I get killed in Black Ops, I just can't contain myself. But if I get killed by an OMA DC guy, I just sort of laugh and find it pretty funny.

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I really dont see how anyone can say black ops has so more issues than mw2... Which is worse, 74u...ermm they fixed that, i mean Famas, hmmm they fixed that too, how about...i cant really think of anything thats gamebreaking in black ops so nevermind. While mw3 has noob tubes, commando, deathstreaks, and oh so much more.

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Can we plz stop with these kinda threads.

Im not trying to troll on you or anything im just saying should really stop complaining about these games.

i mean seriously did we really need othr black ops hate thread or the mw2 bashing comments plz its just really getting old ;)

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