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wait a tick

teh shrew

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ok so after watching the inside xbox new on the dashboard it looks like dead shoot daqari is coming back :D but also when they there talking about hanger 18

they said somthing about there beeing a easter egg about a vival video around the relase of black ops mmmmm i wunder fwhat they are talking aboot.................

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ya i heard that too i'm gonna be looking around for that in a private match becuase i really want to see what it is maybe its a video they released or sumthin? i remember someone saying an easter egg that there was a group of nazi's dancing in a room in a campaign mission in an old call of duty or sumthin

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The apple is back!!!!


How you like them apples :lol:

I already posted that theory, but its no problem. You might want to embed a reupload if that video though, the original poster sold out and replaced the audio with that shitty music so he could get money.

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When I drink I drink speeeed cola.

Regards, Vonvonvive.

P.S. You suck undead dick

That seemed unnecessary.

And yeah I'd just mute the audio on that clip as it's not really that important. Funny how Treyarch is now purposely putting in the floating apple that they got so much guff for as a glitch in the first days of Black Ops release.

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