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Mock-Up Group 935 Job Interview Resume

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For my english class, we're currently going over the job interview process and what you need to do for it and such, basically things that a five year old should know by age four as JonTron would say. I put together a fake job interview request to Group 935 simply because I could, and I thought I'd share it with this lovely forum. Hope I get the A, as this was worth 100 summative points. Without further ado, here is the job-interview request from me if I were in the CODZ Universe. Note: Not everything is storyline-correct for simplicity's sake. Dates do not match up with the official timeline because honestly, how am I going to explain this to my teacher? Bare with me on this one!


Doctor Friedrich Groph
Research Head of 601 and Head of Griffin Station
Group 935
Breslau, Germany

Salutations, Doctor Groph:

I’m writing you because I recently heard of the passing of Doctor Richtofen and the loss of the Der Riese facility to an outbreak. I personally hope to “join” Group 935 and work in the 601 division of it. Yes, I am aware of your split factions since the war began and Doctor Maxis insisted on getting support from the Nazi Party. I was an associate of Richtofen’s, I’m sure he never mentioned it. I hope to take over his position now that he has unfortunately passed on. I know of many more locations of 115 deposits around the globe, including my own home. So, I feel like I will be useful to you.

I am primarily writing you as I know of Richtofen’s secrets and benefits that Group 935 would likely want their hands on. I have his personal notes as he sent them to me as he wrote them. Truthfully, I’m an agent of the United States who is willing to put all my eggs in the basket so to speak for Germany. I’m applying for Head of Operation Shield. I suspect you have already taken the reigns since Richtofen’s passing, but I feel it is only right for you to keep control over Griffin Station like Richtofen intended. I assume you and Doctor Schuster are still taking orders from Doctor Maxis despite your bitterness towards him during the war. Let me help you in this, I know what Richtofen was planning.

I’m a graduate of Heidelberg same as Richtofen, as I went there to study after I graduated from high-school. I have conducted my own fair share of experiments with the element as well, being given schematics and blueprints from Richtofen during his time in Group 935. In 1945, soon after the war ended I was employed by the OSS in the United States to reverse engineer a prototype of the Wunderwaffe DG-2. Intending to keep the power for Group 935 and not willing to betray my old friend, I told them it couldn’t be done. I can finish the work Richtofen never had the chance to. I am going to be your man to truly live by Group 935’s motto. To improve the human condition.

Thank you both, Groph and Schuster for considering me for the position. I hope I can begin to assist you well within the coming week. You can call me by the number I listed above within the next week to either confirm me or deny me the position. Once again, I hope to hear from you both. May the three of us open new worlds and bring a better tomorrow for the human condition.



To improve the human condition with Group 935 Faction 601.


April 13th 1939-October 28th 1946

Head of Department

The OSS                                Prefer not to list the #.

Washington DC, Virginia

Responsibilities: Reverse engineering, experimentation with 115, mining, leading people towards excellence, same thing as Dr. R.



December 18th 1934-May 25th 1939

Heidelberg University


Tiffin, Ohio

Skills & Training

I am an expert with the experimentation of Element 115.

Awards & Honors

Nobel Peace Prize for Science

Personal Interests

Long walks on the beach






Harvey Yena

Founder of the Ascension Group, former Group 935 member

Ascension Group

Baikonur Cosmodrome


[email protected]gmail.com



Peter McCain

Deputy Director of the OSS


The Pentagon, Virginia


[email protected],com



Cornelius Pernell

Commander of the OSS


The Pentagon, Virginia


[email protected]

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Fun to read, thanks for the share! That Avogadro can expect his mailbox to be filled with spam ;P

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