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Everything posted by ZombiesAteMyPizza!

  1. Go up the stairs past the Vesper in the courtyard and clear the debris ;)
  2. I was under the impression that doing things like avoiding moving the box to get no firesales, or avoiding carpenters, simply meant that they wouldn't appear in the cycle and so increase your chances of getting something better, rather than messing with the point-based drop cycle?
  3. This certainly works, but it's so long and takes a lot of messing about when there's really no need. If you get him in the Death Ray as quickly as possible (easily done if you follow the approach I detailed above), then Double Tap being present if you get up pretty close and shoot him in the core with the PaP'd KRM off the wall, no more than one and a half clips will kill him - his health caps out at about round 40-50 I believe, so this will work no matter what round you're on.
  4. Top tip if you're using the Death Ray on the Panzer: don't wait next to the Death Ray for him to spawn, wait inside the power room just inside the doorway (so you can see out of the doorway). If you do this he'll always drop down right in the centre of the area before the zombies start spawning in and you can then run forward to the trap with a clear path as he is landing - if you wait at the trap itself, he's gonna spawn somewhere else, you're looking out for him and waiting to time the trap correctly, you'll probably catch him a bit far away from you thus lessening the damage from your shotgun, all the while you have zombies spawning all over you. Messy as all hell. If you get him to spawn in front of you from the power room the timing is automatic, there are no zombies getting in your ass and when you trap the Panzer you'll pretty much be shooting from point blank range if you allow him time to land before hitting the trap.
  5. Thanks buddy, ooh I feel privileged for being given your medal-giving virginity I swore I'd never go for a 100 again after BO1 but DE is just too perfect for it - fun, fast, easy ammo, why not? Hope the next map is also as enjoyable!
  6. Ahhh, probably then . I usually have that one closed so :)
  7. I've had carpenters in the power room mate, am I doing something wrong?
  8. Hi folks, think I'm due a couple of medals. I wrote an Introduction when I first signed up so due an Intro medal: And is this enough for a Samuel (100+ solo) medal? Posted pics in the Der Eisendrache highest round thread recently after my run to 101: Oh, and in those photos it's also shown that I got 150+ headshots in one game so another medal there ;) Thanks!!
  9. Try and do it a bit earlier mate, I can imagine it getting slightly trickier at those rounds.
  10. Me too mate, plenty of room to move around and dodge in there.
  11. What round are you doing this dragon on? I normally get thid one done about round 4.
  12. I normally just kill one, do a fullloop of the room, kill another, repeat. Same thing by the MPD really. EASY.
  13. Just finished my run to round LOL! Was just gonna go for 100 but I got dogs on 100 so why not one extra. No downs until suicide, Perkaholic intact from round 1 to 101 :) Pretty much camped the room before the power room (with the Gobblegum machine and the HVK) from round 10ish onwards with the gate to the church closed, I normally have the opposite gate closed but I see a lot of people doing it this way so I tried it, but the other gate being closed is faster I'm pretty sure. Ah well. I read on the last update that the Panzer got a "balancing pass" and people were speculating that he's been made harder, but this is wrong - even on 90+ if you trap him in the Death Ray and get pretty close you can take him out with one and a half clips of PAP'd KRM (with Double Tap), before the trap has even finished running. He's definitely been made weaker. The figures for the new prices for multiple Gobblegum purchases per round are totally accurate, the prices are astronomical once you get to the really high rounds. Half a mill for a second go at it in the 90s! Quarter of a mill in the 80s is affordable if you're really in a pinch, but ammo becomes a struggle in the 90s and I spent a few of my rounds running the Death Ray area with Dead Wire. Still, game took 6ish hours of total play which is decent going for a 100. First 100 I've done since Black Ops 1, didn't think I'd be doing another one again tbh but I've been really enjoying this map. We'll see what the next map has in store!
  14. Kinda weird how nobody seems to bother getting the Bowie Knife in BO3 anymore. I still remember in BO1 the advanced players would always go for the Bowie Knife as early as possible, and I sort of liked the idea that it was several doors away because the better players who were more skilled in the art of point-whoring would be rewarded. Though it used to really irk me on Der Reise when people would ruin a great early camping spot (the power room) by opening the door to the Bowie Knife.
  15. This brings back memories of when I first got into playing solo zombies on Black Ops 1, crazy to think it was several years ago now. I followed this guide from its first draft all the way up to the final edit, this guy was always coming up with revolutionary new ways to play these maps more efficiently and with greater ease.
  16. My approach on a solo game is this (NOTE - Editing this as my strategy is now a bit different, got to 101 playing it like this): Get Perkaholic ASAP - got all the perks, no need to splash out for more in the coming rounds and the Widow's Wine knife kills quick, so a pistol/knife combo will remain effective for several rounds to come and make you a load of points. Everyone should have at least one Perkaholic in their arsenal, what with the ability to save it by closing the game if you die and all ;) If not possible, get Jugg, QR, DT and a park of your choice. Get the shield ASAP - good for covering your back if a sneaky zombie creeps up on you while you're busy doing a bow upgrade step. Get both the storm bow ASAP - you may also choose to get the wolf bow available for high round running, I personally didn't bother. Get the KRM and the HVK off the walls - the KRM is mainly for the Panzer and the HVK for early round camping, insta-kills and for later round training. Upgrade both ASAP and get Dead Wire on both (more on this later). Get the Ragnarok ASAP. You can use the gravity spikes effect to get out of trouble. Camp with the storm bow in the room before the power room where the Gobblegum machine is - there are two gates, the one closest to the church/computer room should be closed, and I keep my back to the gate with all the zombies coming from the front. Very fast camping strategy and you'll fly through the rounds. Hit the GG machine at the end of each round where needed to ensure you have two alchemicals ready to use! On Panzer rounds, you're very close to the Death Ray. If the Panzer is potentially coming next round, then at the end of the current round go up the stairs through the power room and wait near the doorway, staying inside. If he does spawn he'll always drop down just outside, so he's right there before the zombies spawn all over you. Run straight to the Death Ray as he's landing abd turn it on. Get a clear shot of his core with the KRM. Even into the 100s you can still take him down before the trap stops if you get close, though obviously for this to apply you'll need double tap and it helps if you have upgrades on your KRM. If you don't manage to kill him (you really should, but if not), hot-foot it through the power room and loop the map while the 60 second recharge time for the Death Ray passes, then hit it for a second time to finish off the Panzer. Alternatively, if he doesn't die on the first trap usage and you have Monkeys, you can throw a monkey to distract the zombies, plant the Ragnarok in front of him to trap him and finish him off. If he doesn't come, whip out the Ragnarok and use the slam effect (right trigger on your controller) to clear the path as you go back down the stairs to your camping spot. Some people say camping isn't ammo efficient but you'd have to be extremely unlucky to not make it to 50 without any ammo issues, if you have either an Alchemical or even a Max Ammo Gobblegum then they'll top you up in a time of need and you now have the option to hit the gum machine multiple times if you're in a pinch. The rounds go so much faster camping with the electric bow and in general it's actually safer too. If I run out of ammo on the storm bow and I haven't coaxed an ammo gumball out of the machine then I use the Ragnarok to clear a path to the Death Ray to run trains, optionally replacing the storm bow with the wolf bow first and then using the wolf bow to clear a path if it gets blocked, and using Dead Wire to kill the groups. Dead Wire used to suck but an update has seen it upgraded to kill up to 9 or 10 zombies per shot, AND it recharges in around 5 seconds! So I bang off a shot every 5 seconds from either the HVK or the KRM to activate Dead Wire, taking out several zombies every 5 seconds, forcing respawners rather than waiting for full groups and overall making for a much faster strategy than using Blast Furnace on full groups. If I manage to get an ammo gumball or I reach a dog round then I get back to the camping spot - get the storm bow back if you traded it out! That's pretty much it I think!

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