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  1. Sorry, the question was at the bottom and was a bit long. @shirtlesservice I will take a look at that. Thanks!
  2. @funkydisciple Nice, I didn't realise you accepted. I'll be on after that time as I am off work tomorrow, if you can play tonight we can take the rounds slowly so you can more of an idea of the map. I know how to do all bows but the fire one is a pain! I, personally would recommend getting to know the map fully then attempts the easter egg, I am still to do this as usually me or my friends mess up in some way or someone loses connection but the ones I play with never back out (unless they REALLY have to go or disconnection). As much as I would love to go insomnia unfortunately not, I finishing my notice at work and started a new job next week so I can't get holidays for around 6 weeks.
  3. So usually when I play Der Eisendrache I tend to get the bow between round 7-10. Perks I usually run for both solo/co-op (without perkaholic) is jug, double tap, stamin up and electric cherry. My guns are always VMP w/ Blast Furnace because I can get ammo of the wall whenever needed so not relying on max ammo and Electric bow. Most of my downs are from reviving team mates in co-op unless I'm having a bad game :P My strategy is usually going to the rocket pad running trains near the front of the rocket pad doors. If it gets busy I can run underneath the rocket or up the stairs and run back to the front of the doors, blast furnace on the VMP helps clearing trains. If the rocket test goes off then I run to the teleporter with the electric bow. However, doing this more recently has glitched the zombies to not attacking me, instead they pile up on the little ledge to the left of the teleporter and the ones through the windows seem to not attack either as soon as the test is done they attempts to go after me. However, if I am closer to the wondersphere when the rocket test begins then I will use that and run to the death ray and train until I can go back to the rocket. If the panzer comes then I do 1 of 2 things. I use the Ragnaroks and slam them down in the floor and use the bow to take the panzer out, the radius of the charged up bow gets any zombies from behind, if my Ragnaroks are not charged at higher rounds I run to the wondersphere and run to the death ray, use the trap, take out the panzer and use the wondersphere to get back to the rocket. The rockets test sometimes starts when a new round is beginning and if it is also a panzer round I can run through the teleporter doors and the rocket test will actually kill the panzer and most the time you still have enough time to collect the drops when the doors reopen. I haven't really tried the gaming at Quick Revive and keeping the mulekick tunnel closed. This sounds really boring but what's everyone's opinion on this? Any other strategies that can be recommended that I will give a go?
  4. Don't worry, we were all noobs at one point. You will get better like we all have. I won't be able to play much tonight but I will be on in the coming days, I'll get you to at least round 30 and I can probably get another 1-3 others to play.
  5. I have also just joined but I have PS4 aswell. I will add you when I finish work. And Chorley, not too far from me.
  6. I have also had this and took screenshots on PS4. So strange when I first saw it!
  7. Hi, I'm new here but not new at Zombies. Just looking to see if anyone from the UK with a mic and over the age of 16 wants to group up. Add me on PS4 - AllStar_Caino I also have a community with over 300 people so far and counting. thanks
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