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  1. This is the strategy I used to do this. https://youtu.be/ymVyz3oa5vM
  2. Lol, nice. Congrats on proving me wrong. This strategy is strictly based on power ups, and wont be possible every game though. Without a x2 points from the pod, and the random max ammo from finishing your second ritual, this would not have worked. Also note that you have 2 bullets in your bloodhound, no access to buy a second gun, only 500 points, and a Margwa to kill. You've also glitched the 3rd Margwa from spawning due to not killing the 2nd which is a loss of 1,600+ points. Is it possible to unlock PaP round 1 solo? Yes. Does it require glitches or pure luck? Yes. Is it an efficient way to start a game? Absolutely not. edit: I've tried to replicate the jump you do in beast mode to lower the stairs to Neros ritual room, and it does not work on next gen.
  3. I just tryed this again with the same strategy I tried last time. This time I played smarter and bought revive after collecting the 4th worm just incase I fell into the abyss. I didn't, and completed the final ritual unlocking PaP on round 1. Once again though, I took the quicker route to drop stairs for Neros Landing by jumping on the trucks fender and then jumping onto the stair barrier. I also duplicated zombies, in order to have enough points to open specific doors. Once again, I am on PS4. If anyone wishes to see my gameplay on how to do this, id be more then happy to share my strategy. I'm still 99% confident this cannot be done without using the method described above. As mentioned in previous posts, I still believe this is extremely inefficient and wouldn't ever start a game to actually play using this strategy. I litterly suicided after opening PaP.
  4. I'm on PS4. Your saying you opened PaP round 1 solo, with only 6 zombies? If so, id like to see proof.
  5. This was something I've wondered for a while, so I actually gave it a shot. Although I was screwed over by a keeper trying to wall run, I just died with all 4 worms in place, and during final ritual to open PaP on round 1. So to answer the question of is it possible? Yes it is. Is it completely inefficient? Yes it is. Do to the distance needed to open everything required for all the rituals, there is literally no time left to do anything else other then focus solely on that while in beast mode. If anyone wishes to see the strategy let me know before this game gets lost in theater and ill record it. edit: I forgot to mention I did need to duplicate zombies, as well as use the truck to drop stairs leading to Neros landing. If either of these glitches / exploits (both I don't think are meant to be possible) were patched, I'm 99% positive it would be impossible to do.
  6. It maybe possible, however it would be completely inefficient. I believe my method to open PaP and obtain the Apothicon Sword by round 2 is the most effective and efficient way to start. However it takes roughly 35 minutes to do. The earliest I've caught the shadow man in the summoning key is round 8 solo. It really doesn't make sense to do though, as utilizing the totem / flag step on round 12 will ensure you get xenomatter within the first few minutes of starting it. I've camped meatballs plenty of times to say with confidence the earliest you can obtain xenomatter is round 12.

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