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  1. I believe building the WW twice, at the two work benches was just removed in the most recent patch.
  2. You need 4 players in the game, or the giant worm will not spawn. I don't know if someone can just join mid game. Once the giant worm has spawned in, it is possible to finish the LAST step with less then 4 players. If a player was to get disconnected. 1 player turns tracks blue @ a station. Another player turns tracks blue, and runs to junction. The last player calls the train, enters beast, and turns last set of tracks blue. The player that ran to junction then zaps the keepers, initiating the cut scene.
  3. I would be interested in doing this 4 player if interested, just incase NOTHING can be completed. I've only completed the 4 player egg once, and it was in Noire mode, however I started it on the 3rd or 4th ritual. It was pretty cool to see the cut scene in black / white for the 1st time, but I didn't notice anything different. I have done it solo though activating noire before doing anything though, if that's what you mean. Again, I didn't notice anything different.
  4. I've heard other people mention slide jumping off stairs and high areas will cause this. Supposedly the game thinks you are trying to jump into a glitch.
  5. The counter only appears on the Reborn Sword. There is just a sword symbol where the counter would be on the Apothicon Sword. As soon as you pull out the Reborn sword, the counter will indicate: 10 10 After your first head kill, it will drop to: 9 9 ...8 8 ...7 7 etc... I really want to know the significance of this. This isn't an easy task by any means, and I really hope it isn't required in upgrading the WW. The best I've done so far, is 5 5. :\
  6. As for gateworms, I have studied the placement of them, and it is 100% not specific. All my testing has been done on solo, and will happen any game you focus on. If all 4 gateworms are collected and ready to be placed in PaP, you will A) Set down the worm corresponding with your characters ritual FIRST. B) Then set down the worms in order from left to right as seen on your hud. Example: If your Jackie Vincent, you will place all the worms in the order of your hud. Left to right. However if your Floyd, you will place the far right worm first
  7. If 4 players are not in the game, when the Shadow Man is captured in the summoning key, the giant gate worm will not spawn. If a player leaves, or is disconnected after this step, it is still possible to complete the easter egg.
  8. I'm in a game now as Jessica. I round skipped to round 15. I did everything needed for rituals (dropped stairs, unlocked pieces, opened doors), turned on perks, and opened egg/sword chamber. I got my perks and collected the ritual items (canal, junction, waterfront, footlight), keeping the keepers with me. I performed the footlight ritual, turning the keepers into zombies. I got my egg from rift, and placed it in footlight and fully charged it here. I picked up my egg and ended the round. Eventually a margwa spawned, killed and collected heart. Even
  9. This is the strategy I used to do this. https://youtu.be/ymVyz3oa5vM
  10. Lol, nice. Congrats on proving me wrong. This strategy is strictly based on power ups, and wont be possible every game though. Without a x2 points from the pod, and the random max ammo from finishing your second ritual, this would not have worked. Also note that you have 2 bullets in your bloodhound, no access to buy a second gun, only 500 points, and a Margwa to kill. You've also glitched the 3rd Margwa from spawning due to not killing the 2nd which is a loss of 1,600+ points. Is it possible to unlock PaP round 1 solo? Yes. Does it require glitches or pure luck? Yes
  11. The more I question the significance of this counter, the more I wonder if it relates to upgrading the wonder weapon. Anyone reading this, please respond with the lowest you have brought the counter down, and possibly your method of attempting to reduce it. I've decided this counter needs to be defeated, and am going to begin solely working on doing this when I play. Thank you in advance for any and all replys with information regarding this.
  12. After reviewing the audio cues so much, I personally don't believe the voice says Gwanash Na'Orruja Gwanash Listening to the audio, and reviewing the written words, the voice pronounces "G" silent. If the voice said Margwa, it would be pronounced Mar Wa, not Marg Wa. The voice does say Arburgneth WW name(Kor-Maroth / Mar-Astagua / Nar-Ullagua / Lor-Zarozzor) (Sor / Zor) Arbgwoath once you pick it up off the bench. The "G" sometimes sounds like itd be a "K", but never sounds like "Guh". I definitely do not hear: "Gwanash" Guhwa Nash / Wa Nas
  13. That is better than I've got my counter to. I think the lowest I've got it is 5. I'm wondering if something will happen though if someone actually gets it to 0. To my knowledge from reading threads on this forum, as well as other forums, and watching people on YouTube, I have never heard or seen a single person do this. Alot of the Apothicon Symbols and sentences said by the voice, translate into "Gather" and "Head". Maybe this is the step needed, no one has completed, in order to upgrade the WW?
  14. I just tryed this again with the same strategy I tried last time. This time I played smarter and bought revive after collecting the 4th worm just incase I fell into the abyss. I didn't, and completed the final ritual unlocking PaP on round 1. Once again though, I took the quicker route to drop stairs for Neros Landing by jumping on the trucks fender and then jumping onto the stair barrier. I also duplicated zombies, in order to have enough points to open specific doors. Once again, I am on PS4. If anyone wishes to see my gameplay on how to do this, id be more then happy to sh
  15. I've seen this counter discussed before, and plenty of people have discussed attempting it. However I haven't myself, or have heard from anyone they got the counter to zero. Once you upgrade your Apothicon sword to the Reborn sword, when you weild it, it has an ammo count of 10. Although you can swing it until the charge bar depletes, the ammo count only decreases if you get head kills. I realize the charge bar depletes faster slightly when you do get a head kill. I'm just wondering if anyone has actually got the counter to 0?
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