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  1. I enjoy your ideas Nightmare. Might I use this in my newer black ops 3 engine for 2d zombies?
  2. I also had another thought on the weapon kits. What if it is sets of weapons that you can choose from, giving either a harder or an easier game expierience
  3. A lot of people are all up in arms over weapon kits, the other form of reward in our zombies xp system. They are saying that the ability to customize guns and/or change weapon locations would be unfair. Well, I am here to correct this problem. First off, no, you can't change weapon locations. That is not what he said. You can on the other hand customize the weapons you get off the wall and out of the box with the weapon kits. The name implies that they are kits to add to weapons (obviously), but that says a bit more. I believe that weapon kits will function similar to variants from AW, but n
  4. Cool concept. I like the xp progression for each map instead of overall rank. makes more sense. I still feel if we had a default, it would be the M1911, as we only have one deviation from that tradition so far.
  5. Now, I'm no expert with the mythology, but I am just going to theorize here. What if these characters are not actually themselves. What I mean by that is maybe they are in some sort of purgatory, like mob of the dead, except they have been given false memories, and are not actually the characters they think they are. The shadow man could have orchestrated their punishment in Morg City. Speaking of Morg City, does anyone notice that it sounds like "Morgue" City, as in where they keep the dead? Maybe this implies that our characters are dead. Just a theory.
  6. Honestly, any [email protected] map revisited would make sense, because of their relative low input to the story. But also who's to say the NO4 need to go to those locations. There are always new places with zombies that we maybe have never heard of.
  7. Don't forget that Verruckt and most likely Nacht happened before Samantha was in the MPD, according to the CotD radios. MMX thinks yellow eyes is a default state for them, so it could apply to this. Unless of course Samantha immediately gets into the MPD after teleporting.Also, maybe it could still be Origins Sam in control. I'm actually really curious whether we'll have American Sam or German Sam now. I don't think you can tell from her cry in the video what her accent is. It is completely possible for Samantha to already be in the teleporter, as when Richtofen activated it, she went to Gri
  8. Hmmm... Very good job Treyarch. You have just bypassed the paradox theory of time travel. Because Samantha resides in Agartha, she is not confined to time and space like we are. and so, the NO4 will not create a paradox of going into the future, because they had no choice in the matter, and samantha would still have known what she did. Also, if origins resides in the same universe as O4, then that would explain why the zombies eyes were yellow before samantha took control. The Origins version of herself WAS in control, and so the eyes would be yellow. The reason they are red in MOTD is becaus
  9. Honestly, the whole franchise is owned by Activision, correct? So, if you want zombies (like 3arc does), actually make 3arc zombies. Collaborate with them to continue the story. I know it seems that would put a lot of stress on the zombies team, but that is the only way I can see it working.
  10. Ugh, so many possibilities, and didn't I hear somewhere we were getting a rebooted story?
  11. I love it as well. If I could, with your permission, I would put it in a future DLC. It seems like a very well thought out map that I would love to play!
  12. I wouldn't say Origins was bad. Just an Alternate timeline. They could have two stories going in it, but then that leaves DLC's Divided. But then they can't screw Black Ops 2, but instead that will be the Shit timeline. In BO3, give us the O4's story, that happened during BO2.
  13. That would be a good idea, if he wasn't doing it on a kindle fire...
  14. *face palm* no save. you worked for 2 hours on this and you didn't save bro? BTW: this is my bro.
  15. I am using this for my game. (except for some of the loops... Maybe some gif's...)
  16. Hello Everyone. I am a game designer who is currently making a fan game based on the call of duty series called "Call of Duty: Zombies Collection". I am using maps currently in the series along with some of my own maps that I have come up with. The first map I am adding is called Redemption. Here is the Idea: This map is X2located in France, 1142, during the Crusades. 4 Templars, each an ancestor of the O4, are sent to a fortress that is directly above the location in Origins. These characters are as follows: Elias Rudiger: A German Templar who is knowledgeable in alchemy and mechanics, who
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