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  1. KG Richtofen

    Forge: Map Concept

    No, thank you.
  2. KG Richtofen

    Forge: Map Concept

    I enjoy your ideas Nightmare. Might I use this in my newer black ops 3 engine for 2d zombies?
  3. KG Richtofen

    Black Ops 3 2d Zombies Update

    Hello everyone who has been waiting for my newest update to my game, "BLACK OPS 3 ZOMBIES". I am in the process of adding Der Eisendrache, and finalizing a few things. Stay tuned for the download link
  4. KG Richtofen

    DUNES | A Zombies Map Idea/Concept

    I love it as well. If I could, with your permission, I would put it in a future DLC. It seems like a very well thought out map that I would love to play!
  5. Welcome to the forums KG Richtofen :)

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