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  1. Welcome to the forums ZombieProfessional :)

  2. Happened once, not long ago. I heard the zombie litrally everywhere (and I swear, I heard 2 zombies... sound is messed up on verruckt, and der riese) after 10-15 mins he showed up from somewhere, I don't know where he was. I got a glitched zombie once in BO shoninuma (you know, these glitchy [email protected] zombies, stuck on a window shaking his head like a retard). Very rare in BO1, for me at least
  3. Winters howl is crap man. Even as backup gun, plain shit. I got some Idea spinning in my head: Wouldn't it be awesome if all the wonderweapons in BO1 are randomly on all maps? I mean if you start verruckt for example, the game randomly decides which wonderweapon is on the map (just one of course), so (with luck) you could get the waffle on verruckt, the thundergun on five, the babymaker on kino. Hehe.
  4. The Thompson is awesome and my favorite... MP40 is awesome too. I like both guns. Trench Gun is OP man. haha
  5. There is no EE on kino. I still wonder why, but there is no EE.
  6. I tested this, you can get Max Ammos (and only max ammos afaik) from electrified zombies... I don't know why but the chances for a max ammo is really, really high when the zombie is running and electrified. I got 3 (yes, three) max ammos at once from a horde... crazy man. Is this intentional or some sort of bug?
  7. Takeo is awesome dudes. I know, he's not this funny (Richtofen, I love you) but he's good enough. Nikolai is cool too, I laughed my ass of on his quote after I made a crawler: "Look, he's crawling back to me, just like good woman" :D
  8. I played w/o glitches or cheats, never played with glitches or cheats! I killed him right after he spawned in again in the same round (I made a crawler at the end of the round). Killed him with the dragunov (really fast with this weapon btw) and yeah, he was gone. Black Ops is still glitchy all over the place. If someone leaves the game during a death machine, you lose the DM AND you have no gun until the DM stops (more often: you simply lose the Dm and get your gun back)... just one glitch that happens when you play the game normal....
  9. The same thing happened to me too right a few seconds ago... (but I don't glitch or cheat... ) I killed him near Spawn with my pack a punched dragunov, after a few headshots, he got down to his knees (nomal) and right after he leaves the perk and the waffle (normally) he dissappeared... I heard Samanthas laughter (not the creepy one) and... poof, he was gone.... no perk, no waffle. Played solo... never happened coop... By the way I killed george in the same round he spawned in AGAIN (I killed him b4 and got a perk and the waffle)
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