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  1. Mrroflwaffles confirmed on his livestream on Twitch last night that The Giant will remain completely the same, when it comes to the map layout. A remastered Beauty of Anihilation would be pretty cool though, and if the Wunderwaffe doesn't come back in some capacity, I'll never forgive Treyarch. Aw man, well I hope they don't leave it completely the same.I would like to see the same wall weapons though, I think i'm possibly the only person to enjoy using the Kar98k on early rounds for headshots, when I seen the Ballista in Origins return I was thrilled. More bolt actions in the starting room
  2. I've never used the elevator keys before, I barely even use the trample steam either.
  3. I'd like to see a few more areas opened up, add in a few more perks (PhD, Vulture-Aid, Electric Cherry) also, double tap II and a way of obtaining random perk bottles so we can get all the perks w/out having to do the EE. I would also like to see the wunderwaffe return, or, what would be cool is a nerfed wunderwaffe so all 4 players could have a WW like in origins, and MOTD I believe with the Blundergat. Beauty of Annihilation also to return :P
  4. I completely agree, I suppose the difficulty in reviving is why they introduced who's who but even so, weirdly I think there's a certain fun in having to revive your team-mates when they're down, it adds to the dynamic of playing co-op, with who's who on this map you may as well just be playing solo (even without it as there's no chance your gonna get to them in time anyway). I agree that Stamin-Up would make it a lot better, along with PhD flopper, and maybe having keys in all the rooms/locations with elevators in (like the one on the spawn elevator) so you can call them down to your location
  5. With the release of Black Ops 3 coming up in a few months time I've started playing Zombies again, all the maps from WaW, BOI and BOII. I love playing them all, yes, even TranZit (hell, sometimes I even enjoy a game on farm once in a while) so i'm not exactly fussy about the maps I like to play, except one - Die Rise. I don't know exactly what it is, I don't know why but I just find this map so so boring and hate playing it, which is a shame when I enjoy every other map that treyarch has made. Firstly I think its far too easy, you can get set up with the sliquifier and jug very quickly (even
  6. When making the ultimate staffs, do you need to build all of the regular ones first, before one can be upgraded? So could I build the fire staff and then upgrade it, without building any others?
  7. When you get the golden shovel and helmet, do you still have them in your future games?
  8. I really like that theory that its a metaphor, I hope that it does have a meaning like that and it isn't just a cheap way out.
  9. Hi, I've just joined the forum however I've been reading posts on here since black ops and I've been playing zombies since then. But since BO2 I haven't really enjoyed the maps or took much notice of the story until origins, which (after having the DLC since its release) Im finally starting to actually play it and be interested in zombies again. After seeing the ending cutscene of Origins I was wondering what people most thought it was trying to display - whether or not they actually are just kids dreaming up a game or whether there is something else too it. Because tbh I think if that is the
  10. Welcome to the forums Riddler :)

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