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  1. What when the OG4 went back in time with the staffs, they became the powerful beings. And one of them is The Lord of the Undead...
  2. There is a time paradox (the rift in time) that's why there are guns from different time periods in the maps, there perks in MoTD, and Earth is slowly being destroyed by the rift. Also there is a photograph in Origins, that shows the OG4 being worshipped by the Vril-Ya. And they are carrying the staffs and wearing Vril-Ya armor. What rules of time are we following? If we are following Lost's rules than whatever happened already happened. Meaning they can't kill The Lord of the Undead. But were most likely following the other rules of time. Which then a paradox will happen, ultimately destro
  3. Long ago, 4 powerful beings ruled over the Aether. Each being carried a staff. One of these beings was known as Mictlantecuhtli. He represented death and carried the Staff of Fire. These beings were so powerful they could control time. They used their powers to open portals to other dimensions. Hell, Agartha, and our dimensions. They each ruled over a dimension. Mictlantecuhtli ruled over Hell. When they came to our dimension, they found a civilization already there, known as the Vril-ya. This civilization worshipped the beings as gods. In return, the beings gave the 4 staffs to the Vril-ya. M
  4. Maybe Lucifer/GoTD influenced Samantha to do all this evil stuff once she gained all the power You know what Im not gonna write down all the theories I have though of It would take too long The storyline has become like Terminator's...
  5. Keep the debates calm please I know Origins is the so called "beginning" but I want to know the origins of 115 itself. I think that aliens play a huge part in the storyline. Think about it. How did the Templars get the staffs? Aliens Who built the MPD and Agartha? Aliens Who built Shangra-La? Aliens But is there something bigger than aliens? There are many hints that point to Lucifer/God of the Dead Maybe these aliens worshiped Lucifer/God of the Dead? And in return Lucifer/God of the Dead offered the powers of 115 (reanimating, weapons, dimensi
  6. Of course Der Riese is the best.Black ops version or waw?I made a thread regarding this once,and one on why der riese is still the best map. Welcome to codz,hope you enjoy the site! Well the BO version is the only one I have Never bought Der Riese on WaW So I buss the Bo
  7. Hello I am TideoftheDead_115 I have been playing since WaW and Der Riese is still the best map I am an ok player and my highest round is 33 on MoTD Most of the forums I will post will be on maps and the story I am heavily invested in the story and I am studying lots about it. I think it's more complicated than Lost was Remember, there is a zombie killer in all of us
  8. During the early WaW days of Zombies, the story generic. A secret Nazi group created and unleashed zombies with 115. But in Black Ops, things got complicated. Time travel and different dimesions. With Bo2, the story got really hard to follow. It left use with lots of un answered questions Where did the towers that Rictofen wanted acitvated come from? Why does Weasel reference Nikolai in MoTD? What happened to the OG4 on Moon? How did Samantha get to Agartha from Rictofen's body? How are the OG4 and Maxis old in WW1, when they looked young in WW2? How is Sama
  9. Has anyone found the whole photo yet? I think maybe after they entered the portal, they were teleported back in time, and worshipped as gods
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