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  1. round 58 yesterday. received the shotguns symbol after match. anyways.. the higher rounds seem to last forever. so while i was playing my son got a stopwatch and timed a couple rounds. just a note - I was going for high round as quick as possible, so any and all "nukes" that dropped i hit immediately. round 50 - 8min 31 sec round 55 - 9 min 2 sec round 56 - 10min 3 sec round 57 - 10 min 41 sec
  2. just made it to round 50 solo today. was planning to try and see how far i could get....but was bored out of my mind. when i got to 50 I threw a monkey bomb and ran directly into the swarm of zombies and let them kill me. couldn't take anymore. started at around 9am. took a couple short breaks. didn't finish until after 2pm. round 50, 4606 kills, 305 headshots. 3 downs, 2 revives. don't have a lot of headshots cause i used the Petrifier almost exclusively after round 20.
  3. SOLO before yesterday my highest was 21- basically just running around. yesterday decided to try the general store camp mode. made it to 38. died because of mental error (mule kick). switched to wrong gun. by the time i got the Petrifier out, they were on me. camped in Courthouse beside Speed Cola for first 20 rounds. then camped on general store roof using Petrifier/vulture ade method. have to admit it got extremely boring. you basically do not move more than 5 feet during an entire round. overall time was 3.5 hours. i messed around alot in the earlier rounds. i honestly don't know how much further i could've went. was almost relieved when i finally died. round 38. 2228 kills. 70 headshots. 3 revives. 4 downs.

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