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  1. round 58 yesterday. received the shotguns symbol after match. anyways.. the higher rounds seem to last forever. so while i was playing my son got a stopwatch and timed a couple rounds. just a note - I was going for high round as quick as possible, so any and all "nukes" that dropped i hit immediately. round 50 - 8min 31 sec round 55 - 9 min 2 sec round 56 - 10min 3 sec round 57 - 10 min 41 sec
  2. i've said it before. but the last two maps have really emphasized it. It's almost like killing Zombies has become a secondary objective. in Buried, you spend 30-40 minutes doing stuff completely unrelated to killing Zombies just to get started. same with this map. although now, not only do you have to find parts for buildables, you have to find parts for wonder weapons. there is SO much time wasted collecting/building/filling chests/etc. that it's become somewhat of a chore to play. I've almost completely quit playing these new maps in public matches(4 people) because there is just way
  3. I'm currently using my 7th or 8th controller. lost count. purchased my Xbox360 when CoD4 came out. it's gotten routine enough now, that i just ask for a new controller each Christmas. problems I've encurred: ***left joystick quits working correctly (overuse). i can completely let go of it, and my player continues walking. when i go left or right it's real glitchy. i'd say this has happened to at least 5 of my controllers. *** X button broke. button itself feels real lose. no longer causes any actions to happen onscreen. *** right trigger (R2) keeps sticking in. so if you are shootin
  4. I've been playing Buried A LOT this week. about the only map i've played. so today i was on Round 24. at this low round my strategy is stand in the courthouse, right on the ledge next to Speed Cola. shoot Zombies coming from both directions in the upstairs. once they get too close, back off the ledge and land right by Original Mystery box location. run up the stairs, and hit the trample steam to jump back into Courthouse. anyways..... today for the 2nd time this has happened (thought the first time was maybe just a fluke), when i backed off the ledge i guess i was too far to the left and land
  5. just made it to round 50 solo today. was planning to try and see how far i could get....but was bored out of my mind. when i got to 50 I threw a monkey bomb and ran directly into the swarm of zombies and let them kill me. couldn't take anymore. started at around 9am. took a couple short breaks. didn't finish until after 2pm. round 50, 4606 kills, 305 headshots. 3 downs, 2 revives. don't have a lot of headshots cause i used the Petrifier almost exclusively after round 20.
  6. i guess if a group of friends all knew this code, it would work. but it would never work with randoms. No way they would know what you are trying to say. If I ever had to play without a mic, I'd just have the mindset that i'm on my own. if i want a door open, i'll save up points until I can open that door.
  7. we lock it down everytime...because the mystery box being out in the maze SUCKS. I think it is all just completely random what mystery box gives you. like i said we lock it down every time. there have been multiple occasions where my first and second hit from mystery box has gotten me the Paralyzer and RayGun.
  8. the monkey bomb thing has killed me more than i will admit. i throw it, know that it is still within the map, and they completely ignore it. usually happens in the higher rounds, so with all the time spent throwing the monkey, i end up dying because they swarm me. as for the Zombies not coming towards you....yes it happens a LOT on Buried. usually when we are down to a couple crawlers, or slow walkers. it's almost like you're standing in the "green gas". they will do a completely 180 anytime you get near them. if you knife them once, they will revert back to chasing you.
  9. to me....BO2 Zombies is just kinda meh. while i still play it, it's just taken a wrong turn. half of the time played is geared towards other stuff than actually killing zombies. in WaW and BO1, it was all about taking out zombies. kill zombies =buy gun, kill zombies =buy door, kill zombies= buy perk - kill ton of zombies. BO2 has us searching for parts to build like a hundred different buildables and wonder weapons, then buried comes out and we still have to get parts for tons of buildables, but also get booze/big guy to open barriers or candy/big guy to do other quests. it's just almo
  10. What? Buried is probably the easiest map to play WITHOUT using the bank. all the points you get by drawing weapon chalk on walls. even when you have to buy the alcohol for 1000, you actually gain points overall when you give it to the big guy from a pretty far distance. I've made upwards of 1500 at times, for just 1 barrier. and why would you try to do this mid-round? make a crawler, and then have him break down every barricade. the only time i would even think about withdrawing money is to go to pack-a-punch when playing co-op. if i'm playing solo, i don't have to worry about the witch
  11. while Buried is a good map, i don't think it can be talked about as the best map. i feel it gets boring way too fast. replayability is really starting to go down with me. i almost hate starting a new match, because you can figure the first half hour is going to be spent running around chalking weapons, opening up barriers with booze, getting perks, making buildables, etc, etc, etc. literally 30 minutes of playtime and i have 2 kills. woohoo! and it's like this EVERY match. also, some of the buildable are way OP. subsurface resonator. it'll last 2 rounds. then make a crawler - go get
  12. SOLO before yesterday my highest was 21- basically just running around. yesterday decided to try the general store camp mode. made it to 38. died because of mental error (mule kick). switched to wrong gun. by the time i got the Petrifier out, they were on me. camped in Courthouse beside Speed Cola for first 20 rounds. then camped on general store roof using Petrifier/vulture ade method. have to admit it got extremely boring. you basically do not move more than 5 feet during an entire round. overall time was 3.5 hours. i messed around alot in the earlier rounds. i honestly don't know
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