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  1. My plan for when ebola hits the UK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpQNw46Sl24
  2. @Naitrax Sorry, I have to one up you there Made it to the top front page of both /r/GrandTheftAutoV (2 times) /r/TheSimpsons and /r/IdiotsFightingThings I recommend /r/IdiotsFightingThings if you find people losing fights to inanimate objects funny.
  3. I'm installing all the patches for World at War. Why the fuck do I have download and install them all individually?
  4. Nah, I like pissing sqeakers off on Xbox and getting my GTA's and COD DLC's earlier. Speaking of sqeakers, I played 4 different servers on GMod and each had a fuckin squeaker shouting. Worse than Xbox in that department by a long shot.
  5. TF2 is much better than the Xbox version. Also, my very first match (on PC using a keyboard and mouse) I had a KD of 15 kills and 12 deaths. Not bad considering I suck at FPS' anyway. On my 2nd match, I got a 6 kill streak haha
  6. Speaking of GMod, I was messing about with that gravity gun when the car I was throwing around landed on me.
  7. I warn you, I'm probably crap. I'm used to a controller, not a keyboard.
  8. I'm still learning GMod. Just trying out a few custom skins (Mine is Michael from GTA V) and some new maps. Gotta love the workshop.
  9. Just played Payday The Heist. Yes, I'm a minor PC gamer. Got $815k on my first try. Games I own for PC: GTA San Andreas (non-steam) Bully: Scholarship Edition (non-steam) Payday The Heist Black Ops 1 Garrys Mod
  10. @Slade Payday the Heist is free on Steam. http://store.steampowered.com/app/24240/ Just telling you as I know you're the PC gamer around these parts. Also LMAO
  11. As will I. Honestly it's one of my life goals. Combining 2 of my favorite things.
  12. Sorry for the double post, but this is a different post to the one above. Last night a friend of mine was doing a speedrun on Bully and during that livestream, I asked people (while he was trying to figure out what mission was next) if they wanted to see Gary Smith (Bully's villian) in a pink bunny outfit. Using raw models from Bully, Petey's Halloween model and Gary's cutscene Halloween model. In Bully, Gary forces Petey (Jimmy's friend) to wear it for Halloween and with it approaching, I thought it was highly appropriate.
  13. ^Why I'd love to have a house map. "BRAND NEW **BANNED WORD** STRATEGY!!!" First buy the *banned word** door for 500 points then try and jump on the cooker in the **banned word** then you'll be invincible!!"
  14. Yeah, I have that on my old iPod Touch 2G. It's fun and I like how it came with all maps. £0.99 for FIVE?!?! I can play that on the Xbox for free. .-.
  15. Just got Black Ops Zombies on Android. 1. Controls are fucking difficult. 2. Ascension is confusing.
  16. @Slade I think I already told you I can't tell the difference between 30 and 60 FPS as my eyesight is a bit poor. :/ So that .gif looks like the same on both sides for me.

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