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  1. What is that "Olympic Champion" rank you've got?

    1. Lenne


      @anonymous a couple of years ago there was a tournament on this site and he and another player I forgot the name of have won it. 

    2. mralways1


      never really thought of it but i guess my "olympic champ" title isn't something you see much here on codz, kinda unique. 

  2. Speed runs have very little to do with luck rather then patience. When attempting one that needs the mystery box on either solo or co op, if you don't pull exactly what's needed like emps, time bomb, mark 2, shrink ray, within the first few hits, and in some cases the first box hit, it's already to late, your time has suffered to much. And when you don't get that rare box hit, you just end up quitting and restarting. So just the nature of quitting each game until you get the exact box hit needed, is rather growling. Also you need the map to fall perfect sometimes, or it's better to restart. But even after 1000 restarts, you may finally get exactly what you need, you still need to survive. Speed runs have some comparison to nml, you need that perfect start, or it's better to restart. And with 4 players that adds so many more elements to the picture. Some of the times are insane, transit maxi ee 10mins, rich 21mins... Origins ee 36mins.... MOTD ee 18mins... Ascension ee 34mins.... I personally been pursuing a solo rd30 speed run on origins for well over a year, and the handful of times the box gave me monkeys and the mark2, I died prior to rd30 anyway lol
  3. They set a goal, and accomplished it. They wanted to have the fastest completed EEs on all the maps that have a ranking/leaderboard for, which is 8 total. Some of their times are insanely low, which came from some nifty teamwork. I don't know them, or even ever heard of them, but they have definitely acheived something that could possibly be in discussion for "some of the all greatest all time zombie accomplishments". You normally see a lot of solo feats, some that are atop that conversation "403 nml" (of course), but this 4 player world record ee run is pretty cool story nonetheless, but Here's the link!
  4. 271kills.... The first couple of hoards I used Sallys on should have been entire kills.... But it created to 1/2 crawlers, gotta tidy that up a little.... Thx for the help fellas! Nml = practice
  5. Tough crowd.... Maybe my find will change the planet, solve world hunger, or end terrorism, and i still can't get no brains for my discovery lol
  6. @way2g00d Hahaha but I'm so smart that I am the first to notice that while on tapatalk, the "like" button, gives brains!!!?? What??
  7. After you walk into the perk bottle, it enables 1 more perk slot. You then have to purchase a perk. Try it this way - do not get double tap from wonder fizz or the free double tap out of the challenge box, only have 4 perks when you dig up and get your perk bottle, then go get any perk besides double tap. If you always get your double tap as your 5th perk, seeing as its free, it uses up your first dig up, and limits your perk slot to only 8 total. If you want them all, dig up 4 perk bottles, and fill them all, so you now have 8 total. Then get your free double tap, and you will have 9. But if you go down, you'll still only have 8 total perk slots If on solo, 8 is enough seeing as cherry cola hurts your reviving/recovery chances.
  8. That right there, is what step I'm at. I cannot find anything online that talks about this. Feel free to share it if you'd happen to come across it, but my question is "which has more pages? Chops NML Guide or the Bible (Old Testament verison) lol I didn't agree with it all, but I pulled 1 or 2 useful things from this guys dos and donts guide to nml. Chops are hands down the most helpful you will find online period. Seeing that's it's a tremendous amount of rapid advancing packed into that small map, for some odd reason seeing a "don't" video gave a shred of help. He had like 4 views when I first watched it, and I think I took it up to 28 total views. http://youtu.be/8choeyOhi_o
  9. That would be impressive, but..... It's a custom game on easy. I can maybe do rd8 on original settings. I do this strictly for money purposes. You can draw the svu, get your perma headshot and phd before rd1 ends and just flop in that spot for awhile. 1 flop kills all spawning Zombs when you start and remain in the bank. If you wanna see impressive flopping, check some videos out of the world record rd30 speed run on buried, insane flopping! 150s come rare from flopping, mostly killing 5 with 1 bullet without instakill, but they do come at a rarity it seems
  10. "Rolling 30s" - kill 2 zombies with 1 bullet it doubles making it rolling 60s... Maxes out at 5 kills with 1 bullet making it the God of all Gods "buck fidy rolled"!!! Wanna see how you make the quickest, fastest way to make the most money without time bombs? http://youtu.be/EOGD6wZkeFQ
  11. Mastering the use and none use of knife lunges is a small but unheard of tip.... Kind of minor but I picked it up while playing and that brought my PaP consistency up.
  12. For someone who's accomplished a MOTD reset and highest rd ever on black ops 1 & 2, you may need something that casts a big a** shadow lol
  13. love the idea! personally i think zombie records is a pile of poo anyways. they have set rules for some of the speed runs and they approve em regardless, for example "must have 2 spawn points" but after watching some of the videos, the entire leaderboard is standing in-front of 1 window for 80% of the rounds. IMO you need to have 3 spawn points, across the board, every map.
  14. I've always thought that the custom game feature was formatted wrong. "Easy" custom games should all have a bank and locker, and perma perks, with spawn speeds remaining normal. Make challenges and achievements slightly easier. "Original" custom games have normal spawn speeds, no bank, no locker, no perma perks, and your game would count on the leaderboards. The 2, 3 player leaderboard ranks could be accomplished without as much hassle, extra controller gets annoying sometimes.
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