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  1. One more thought, maybe instead of new maps, they'll recreate some of the old ones, maybe add some new Multiplayer maps 2. Who knows?
  2. I hope you all know, well should know sometime today,that not only call of duty ghost, but Black Ops 2 is getting new micro dlc as well, with ghosts its the villain packs (Makarov ,Jesse's hazmat suite, Zachaev, and Rorke) well the same day 4 new micro dlc's are being released to black ops 2, one of the names for these camos is "weaponized 115, which is similar to the pap camo from origins,except I believe its blue instead of green, also black ops 2 had a update on the 26th which turned off elete, and fixed some security issues with hacking, along with a new playercard and emblem picture for p
  3. Name: Das Feure X2 Type:Buildable,4 parts smoke detector,gas can,bag of parts,broken flamethrower Description:An upgraded wonder weapon flamethrower,it's ammo is determined on the right side of the weapon the smoke detector was 3 red rings as you shoot it my holding the trigger the biggest ring depletes at a moderate rate and the fire isnt crazy powerfull the ring will slowly replete overtime (kinda like the petrifier) but if you reach the max on the first ring a little fire explosion will happen around you and you'll take a little damage and the gun will look a little broken but you'
  4. I'm with you on this,I recently started playing Tranzit again,but honestly the only buildables worth having are the turbine to open the doors for the bus,and the zombie shield,the rest are too much work for not much gain,ESPECIALY on solo,if they buffed a couple they'de be alot more fun to use.
  5. OMG,you can teleport Leroy Jenkins into Origins on a alternate tank route.Jump in front of the tank and you get the Wave Gun!LOL,I just take evrything they say sarcasticly serious.
  6. Just about all of us zombie fanatics have seen the Origins trailer,which in my opinion by far the best zombie trailer,they made all of them look like total badasses. But anyway alot of people don't understand the giant robot roaming around. my theory is that,obviously was created in der reise.I mean come on "the giant is rising",that's a pretty big hint,and group 935 wasnt only working with element 115,there goal was to make sure Germany would have a victory in the great war,and I giant robot could probably be pretty usefull in either of the world wars,but anyways,I believe it may have go
  7. Hello there,I am ViraL x Vandal,thats my xbox gamertag as well,And I'm a big zombies player,I don't mean like streaming or youtube,I'm kinda like a fanatic,and I'm actually pretty good at zombies,it's my favorite thing in Call Of Duty,and My favorite map would have to be Mob Of The Dead,I first got into zombies on Black Ops 2,I found it so fun,i bought WAW,and Black Ops 1,and all the map packs,I'm 15,I have a awful mic,and I wanted to find a nice place to chat,and talk ideas with other fellow zombies players.And this website seems perfect,If you ever wanna play zombies,or even multiplayer,or j
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