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  1. This is the whole thing! Even initial steps for the FULL ENDING! Lots of help from the zombie community! Enjoy guys!
  2. yes of course! you are on the right track! heat elevation and the Air Screw! So many secrets, so little time!
  3. Whats up peeps! I just went and decoded the whole first page of the MOTD journal and I saw some interesting things. The Air Screw from Da Vinci Flying Machines is present and crossed off and the Glider will be using heaters on the underside of the wingspan. The heaters will release pressured energy to thrust the glider off the island. It's all written in this page and is immensely interesting. Just thought I would share that with you guys. If you would like to know more, im uploading a video that explains everything. Anyone else has any findings that are intriguing?
  4. PINNAZ Sir! Congratulations on all your hard research and theories. You are well respected by the community and myself and have been an inspiration for me and many others since the beginning of Green Run. Being mentioned in Spiders NGTZombies Tranzit Secrets Series along side with you gave me the drive for a dedicated YouTube channel now and the will to keep looking when the world says there is nothing there. Thank you again PINNAZ for everything you do and the painstaking research you share with the community to keep the search alive! Your friend, DjTechnicsZRT
  5. Buddah Room Maxis Step [EXPLAINED!!!!!!] I was actually the first to complete the Maxis Easter Egg as credited by Spider here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bzlu71F4vDk Skip to 0:43 This is my video Maxis Completed January 31 and Uploaded February 1st: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HikPjzx0bew Kill zombies in the Buddah Room with hardcore explosivves. This will ensure you only about one or two rounds then Maxis will say "Enough" Then we had learned that we had luckily used Stu with Kraus Refibulator and revived Russman. Shortly after we died. We redid the steps and learned that you couldnt use just anyone with the Kraus Refibulator by looking at the previous games footage. So we RECREATED what we had previously done with Stu and Russman and BINGO it worked. So key things here you must use explosives to shed blood in the Buddah Room for Maxis THEN use Stu with a Kraus Refibulator on a DOWNED Russman in the bottom floor of the room. THIS METHOD WORKS EVERYTIME 100% (As long as all previous steps are done correctly) Any questions please feel free to ask and I will explain anything else that you guys would need :)
  6. im actually livestreaming at the moment. join in! twitch.tv/djtechnicszrt
  7. I have this theory I presented to Spider in December for his TranZit Secrets mini series but he never got around to this part of my TranZit Journal. I have some pretty interesting finds that I have presented in video form. Would love it if you guys would watch and we could discuss.
  8. This is correct. But what is striking about this photo is how the spire on the church is being struck my lightning. Would this be a clue that we would need to do something with the church? I believe this is the only concrete PROOF of something that could be possibly done with the church in town if ANYTHING.
  9. Yeah this useless church isnt so useless I believe. Check this image I had saved from a long ago previous hunt.
  10. Yes he is quite the genius! Him and I were mentioned in NGTZombies mini series of TranZit Secrets in December. Would be great to collaborate with this gentleman.
  11. Hello world! My name is DjTechnicsZRT! Once a lurker now a lurker and a member haha! Want to say whats up to PINNAZ and Liam. Applause for these two dedication. Especially PINNAZ as I have been following his extensive amount of work since October. Just wanted to do a quick intro! See you on the foum! Dj out! :mrgreen:
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