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  1. It's a neat idea friend. But the only problem here is the online use of this weapon. Just imagine yourself training a group of zombies when someone shoots the mind control machine at you, and then you just get trapped by zombies fighting eachother. It could turn into a bit of a mess. But for a solo weapon that is balanced correctly it could be fun! I like the gimmick to it.
  2. At first I definitely noticed the games difficulty increase from buried. Having a great time! One thing I'd like to ask, Is the room you start in the same room at the end of the introduction? If it is where is the table that Richtofen was performing "surgery" at? 8-)
  3. I actually had a thought if it is possible Weasel is related to Maxis. hm, probably not.
  4. I want a map about the same size as Ascension. To me that was the perfectly sized map because it offered a very recognizable atmosphere but plenty to do and see.
  5. Great find! It would seem you are correct about it being the first known machine, but this map makes me wonder. How far back do you think the zombies actually go? Are they more machines?
  6. Thanks!, the only current question I have is about the medal system on this forum? cheers. -Bukkz
  7. Thank you kindly, and will do! :)
  8. Hm well the first code consists of 374 characters and 7 lines of characters, but no program I use will decipher them. Do they have anything to do with the cell numbers or prisoner numbers? Finn- 489B Sal-386A
  9. My name is Jordan but you can call me Bukkz. I have been looking around the Codz forums for a few months now and I can see that this is a wonderful little community. I hope to contribute to this forum to the best of my ability and to get along with everyone here. I have been playing zombies since Black ops 1 came out. I had never played world at war beforehand sadly so the zombie experience was new to me. The first map I played was Kino Der Toten when I was out at my mates, I was honestly freaking out a bit by round 6, then when died trying to camp out the Alley way. Good times. I have been enjoying reading all the theories and tips posted on here by some very intelligent people and I look forward to speaking to all of you on the forum! :)
  10. That would be insanely OP if it was a one hit kill all the time. and I'm pretty sure its a spork.
  11. I would really appreciate all zombie maps from previous games but I can live without them, just a really decent map.
  12. Me and my friend were playing Mob of the dead and we were camping near the big gate opposite side to Juggernog. Well I was shooting groups of them with my raygun and they just exploded and started glitching into the wall like they were being pulled by something, but my friend didn't see it but then the same thing happened to him when he got the raygun. Just a glitch I suppose.
  13. Hi everyone! This is my first post on this forum, but I have been looking around here for a while now. I think it is a bit difficult to compare this map to the other black ops 2 maps because in Tranzit and Die rise it was a bit harder to set up your game and collect all the perks but in this it is much quicker to get all your perks set up and it is easier to know the location of them. I love this map and I think it is up to standards with the top zombie maps like in black ops 1. :)
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