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  1. I did watch the whole thing. And admittedly, I don't know what to make of it. Suggesting that it'll continue with Eddies turn, which would be the N4, seems a bit rubbish now that we know none of it is real. And I think that their games were about to come true, is extremely far fetched and doesn't make any sense tbh. Eddie being Richofens son baffles me the most. That's just desperate thinking to be honest And I'm not meaning to say everyone is. I personally would love to see it continue, and I pray daily for them to surmise me, but they solved all plot holes and all stuff like that with the ending we have. So it all makes sense
  2. It's winding me up that people are trying to claw on to any last hope. It's been fully explained what's happening. How did the crew get to ascension? Maybe because the two kids have changed settings. Eddie isn't holdin a Richtofen doll. He's holding a doll that he has characterised as himself Everything is just a game. None of it happened. It's all their imagination
  3. With all due respect, is this really that much of an issue? I don't think anybody would know this without research so it's not really a problem. Boo treyarch. I'm not buying the map pack now
  4. I've always entertained the idea that we go forward in time at the beginning of Moon. Then whilst we're up there, we're in 2025, or whatever this post 1996 time is.
  5. Thanks for that. No really, Thanks.
  6. Got more chance of me being the demonic announcer than this.
  7. I love this! I've always thought the idea was based around just their attitude, but with detail it makes sense! However, why doesn't she use his surname? (I had more questions whilst reading but I've forgot them now.) Love it though :)
  8. I'd rather pay for the WaW & BO maps again. I don't like Grief at all personally.
  9. Nice finds. I too thought that the moon in the cutscenes was purposely done. I feel that the orbs after being charged become a moon. I'm yet to do them all or see them all done, so I can't say what happens afterwards.
  10. That's not the point he was making. He wasnt rendering to the last map pack and bringing the old maps. He means an update for BO and taking the new stuff there. It's a nice idea, and I wish it would happen, but I highly doubt it.
  11. DavidHoman


    Did you put Die Rise's into Buried's table?
  12. Just been looking around the saloon and found that the piano next to the stairs makes a noise when holding X. When looking at different keys, it plays different tunes as well. Could this perhaps be an Easter egg step, or just a little Easter egg? Couldn't see this already posted. So apologies if it has.
  13. Pack a punch IS after the maze. I was at it before but had my points taken from me :(
  14. I think it's important to note that 'The Rift' is used as a proper noun for something. Could potentially mean: - The place is known as 'The Rift'. And the place needs fixing? - There's a physical item there known as 'The Rift', and it needs fixing? - Or it's a direct quote, and they know that whatever 'The Rift' is, it's where they're going. Seems as if Russman will be the player to be this time around. Interesting cut scene indeed.
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