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  1. Glances at computer clock. 1:15 Except the clock happens to be 4 hours behind but still I just about crapped myself.
  2. What I mean by this is something short and sweet. Back before Origin's released, we got that teaser video with the subliminal pictures of some guy all chopped up and with his brain removed. In the intro cinematic for Origins, we are shown the face of Maxis for the first time. Later in the cutscene, we see that guy we saw missing his brain in the subliminal image. Lastly, as soon as you spawn, you notice that the body is gone, however, there is a brain on a table that belongs to the Maxis Drone... Ignoring the fact that the first body seemed to be missing a beard, can't we logically infer that the body is supposed to belong to Maxis? That would explain why it was hidden so subliminally in the teaser. Why was Richtofen removing his brain? I'm assuming it's because of the plague Dempsey had mentioned in his letter from the field. Why is this important? Because it settles pretty much everything important pre-Origins. You no longer can say we've never seen Maxis. I wouldn't call him dead, however. His brain can still process feelings and send signals to control his drone. Technically, he's still alive. But that's something to debate in Biology class. That's just about it. Short and sweet, like I promised bagel_, out.
  3. Whaddup guys, Sorry if this has been brought up, I've had quite a busy past few weeks and haven't been on the site as much as usual. However, I've managed to play me some Origins. And one thing I hear nearly every time I play makes me get a little more then curious. As most of you may've noticed, our characters sometimes here very strange whispers from Samantha when in Zombie Blood mode. One I hear every time is the one hinting you to dig for parts of the Ice Staff. The other, however, is a little eerie. You only hear this quote playing as Richtofen. Though I do not have the direct quote currently, I'm drawing this from memory. If anyone has the transcript or a YT video of it that'd be great:) "Blahblahblahblah do you know how long we've been here? Do you know how many times we've done this? How long we've been trapped here? Do you really no remember? Only I can save you Richtofen." Richtofen plainly responds with a disregarding quote like "You're words mean nothing to me Samantha." This to me isn't something to be ignored. What exactly does she mean by being through all of this already? Thinking of the blood vials from MotD, my train of thought keeps leading me to think that the entire O4 storyline so far his been just a huge time loop. I don't know. My brains fried right now and I'm not in the best position to theorize. Any of you guys care to help? bagel_, out.
  4. bagel_

    The Panzer

    I know for a fact you're going to have trouble getting one of the Ultimate Staffs before round 7, however, if you can manage to build the Fire or Lightning Staff before then, you're going to be golden for taking him down. The Wind Staff takes 6 shots to take him down, and my friend said the Ice takes a couple too. However, I know for a fact that if you spray-and-pray at him with the Fire or Lightning, this guys going to come down no problem. His head is definitely the best place to shoot him, if not the only place. Frankly, I believe he actually may take no damage to the body, which is why he seems to hard to take down. If you are grabbed by him, shoot the flashing red light in the slot where his hand shot out of and he'll drop you. By far the best method I've found for taking him down is as soon as you hear the siren, drop what you're doing, and head to an open area, no matter how muddy. He can't keep up with you even if you're hopping through mud. Once to an open are like the bridge that the tank passes over near Jug, turn around and give him and any nearby zombies hell. You'll be pretty far ahead of him by now, and you may be able to take him down without needing to try to evade him again. When all else fails, just use Plan B: Hop into a trench and book it back to No Man's Land. This trick isn't as effective against two Robots, however, just resort to Plan B if you're feeling overwhelmed. The worst places to get caught by him are in the wooden trenches in between the Excavation Site and the Church, the Church itself, or the tomb inside the Excavation Site, mainly because of the restricted areas for you to evade or escape.
  5. There are a few small things present in the cutscene that I noticed. Though they are small, they are not necessarily Easter Eggs and I don't think they should be disregarded. After all, this is the ultimate ending to zombies. The first thing is the actual perspective we're seeing this through. I don't believe Samantha is playing with a camera, but instead, an actual figurine. After thinking on it for a bit and analyzing the cutscene, I noticed that all of the N4 are there, but only three of the O4 are there. We see Nikolai, Richtofen, and Takeo. But no Dempsey. With this in mind, rewind a bit. Sam is holding us close to her face, then makes shooting sound effects as she rams us into the zombie figurines, as if we were shooting them. This is almost enough proof for me to say we are at least supposed to be seeing through the eyes of one of the protagonists. Dempsey was notorious for breaking the fourth wall in our game, particularly in Moon, saying things directly to the player like "Hey player! Drop the chips ad get me some ammo!" We also heard things like this from Misty, but we actually see her in the scene, not to mention we've been with Tank sense the beginning. The only question I have is this: Why? I feel as though there must be something behind this that needs to be explained. Why have we been looking through Tank's eyes this whole time? The next thing I'd like to bring up is the lunar eclipse we see literally beginning to occur and progressing through the cutscene. Again, I must ask: Why? Why didn't 3arc just throw in a Moon in a cloudy sky? Also, a few things pertaining to Maxis: 1. Why is he speaking to the children through a PA? Why not just yell upstairs to them? Well, perhaps Maxis isn't even there. He could be talking from them from wherever. He may not even be alive. He could be speaking through an AI. 2. Why do the windows need to be locked? And why must they go to the basement? What is going on through the city or town or wherever they are? Perhaps something is happening. An invasion of the area by the Allies, plague, or maybe even zombies. Just a few things that I feel are key, considering it's the actual content of the scene vs. just a random scene of Sam and Eddy being interrupted by Sam's dad.
  6. People keep saying it's a zombie. The person being operated on is missing an arm. Perhaps someone who worked at Der Riese or Verruckt? Maybe even Peter. Don't be quick to disregard something like that, especially after 3arc put it in subliminally to the trailer.
  7. I'm happy the Knight's Templar was brought up. Interesting how religion has been brought up in the story again. Due note that one thing the Knight's Templar are thought to have done (besides have a war with a bunch of assassins) was unearth and protect the Holy Grail. According to Indiana Jones, which 3arc steals from a lot, if you drank from the Holy Grail, you were granted eternal life. Due to the fact that it's midnight, I'm not going to research it now:) Perhaps that's exactly what those Templars were granted, and somehow, the cup is infused with 115. Note that the blue meter is supposedly the one from Shi No Numa, and there are other blury, blueish objects in the room with him. Also a fun thing to note: The robot has the templar cross on his chest. Not so tough now, are you Ezio?
  8. Anyone else notice that Nikolai bears a very strong resemblance to Reznov? The facial features are almost identical. Could be a coincidence, but I think it's interesting.
  9. I'm a little confused on what you mean. You acquired the perks without the power on? Please try to use caps and correct grammar, it makes posts much easier to read. :D
  10. Please don't flame. RUVA is meaningless IMO. Anyone can theorize as they like, however.
  11. I feel like Vulture Aid was a definite OP. Mule Kick was sort of, but they seem to even each other out. I don't know. I just feel like the perk was perfectly fitting for Buried and should stay there. I'd hope for something better before we see Vulture Aid.
  12. Are we sure that the tests were actually starting with the zombies at this point? This sentence bothers me with that idea. It makes me feel as though the zombies (and maybe even the robot) were under control as soon as they dug up a 115 meteor. I would get the idea of mind control being a possibility, however, especially with the subliminal picture shown in the teaser. Perhaps it has a linkage to the mech-suit zombies. Notice the brain is sitting on the stacked boxes to the right, and what appears to be Richtofen's gloves are right next to the cut up guy. Perhaps brain swaps were a usual occurrence for the super soldiers before the resurrections with 115.
  13. Going back to this, the room around him somewhat reminded me of an operating room, like the one from Verruckt and Shi No Numa. Then I noticed he's missing an arm. Could that be Peter?
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