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  1. Been gone a while...how is everyone?!?!

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    2. Ragdo11706


      Only a couple of months...right before Zetsubou No Shima released.

    3. NaBrZHunter


      w00t! Rag's back!

    4. DaveLo07


      Good to see you back! What did you make of ZNS?

  2. Hit the Wunder Fizz 3x and got Widows Wine. This is gonna be a good game, no Q.R. either.

  3. YES!

    Finally, I have made Der Eisendrache my B***H.


  4. Upgraded all 4 Bows made it to the Boss and ended up dying during the second phase.

    This may take a while...

  5. Behind my eyelids are islands of violence...


  6. March 3rd can't get here soon enough....

  7. I've got a daughter named Peighten and a son named Eli. Let's go #18!

  8. ~RIP~

    Dave Mirra


    I'll always remember looking up to you, the Michael Jordan of BMX.


  9. If you like COD Zombies, you may enjoy the new X-Files.

  10. Virginia weather is F*****G Crazy. Last week we were wearing shorts, now we're preparing for a 24"+ SnowStorm. 

    In other news, when's Treyarch going to finally release the Trailer for "Der Eisendrache". My guess is Friday, as all the "Big YouTubers" will be at the Headquarters, testing out "Awakening".

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    2. Ragdo11706


      Yea, I don't think we've got it quite as bad as you guys. However, this weekend is that one "Exception". As I'm pretty sure where I live, "In the <3 of [email protected]@....I mean Virginia". Were supposed to be getting "Hit" the worst.

      I'm thoroughly looking forward to the possibility of 30"+. My 4 children are going to be in "Heaven". As the most they've seen in their lifetime, is around 9". They aren't going to know what to do.

    3. shirtlesservice


      Its hot coco party time my friend.

    4. Ragdo11706


      Indeed it is... Won't a single box left on the shelves today, people here act like the Worlds coming to an End, whenever we have any kind of "Bad" Weather.

  11. A.P. welcome to the forums bro. Hope you enjoy it here. Yes it's the same Ragdo11 from Black Ops II. Ahh the fun times we had!

    1. ActionPacked


      You down for The Giant sometime tonight? I have one other guy who is pretty good apparently.

    2. Ragdo11706


      Still waiting on the internet where I'm at now broski.

  12. Thanx everyone. It means a lot to know, any contribution I've made no matter how big or small. Hasn't went unnoticed.

    1. Tac


      It certainly hasn't!  Thanks for all the hard work!

    2. Ragdo11706


      Thanx @Tac truly means a lot.

    3. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      In the complex multiverse we live in even the mighty empires of Coca-cola and England it's self are miniscule. Everything is a matter of perspective. You work is significant enough to get you UOTM so that clearly means it's a big contribution to us. 

  13. I'm beginning to suffer from the T-Virus...

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    2. DrVonstool


      Mass Effect is like shit on a stick, it's an acquired taste. Bioshock is like alcohol, sometimes you know what you're doing and other times you're just fucked. Fallout is like a girl that just wont stop spending money, you love to hang with her but she's way too pricey and time is money. DOOM the original as opposed to DOOM 3 is like comparing gold to brown liquid shit. Be sure to try The Ultimate DOOM and DOOM 2 and be sure to leave DOOM 3 alone as you might contract AIDS from playing it. Also, if you do decide to get The Ultimate DOOM and DOOM 2 be sure to get the Fan-Favorite Mod "Brutal DOOM". It takes everything that's great about the original and makes it much more modern and adds executions as well as redesigned weaponry and so on and so forth. Have fun, Zed-Hunter!

    3. Ragdo11706


      Haha, awesome. Will definitely do so.

    4. DrVonstool


      Ahem... H-DOOM... 'Nuff said. ;3

  14. A place for everything & everything in its place. Even Woooorms!


  15. Luciferidae/Lucifer

  16. Whats the difference between an anagram & an aerogram.

    1. Ragdo11706


      I believe an aerogram is a lightweight paper message sent via air.

  17. Markhor: Animal species. Nero does this look familiar. 

    Mar - Snake

    K(h)or - Eater 




  18. Do you recall ever seeing this image? If so do you have a link for it.



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    2. PINNAZ


      @Ragdo11706 so I stumbled across this image. From a band called Ice Nine Kills. They say something is coming on Saturday with the hashtag of Activision & Black Ops 3


      So in the picture there are guys with guns & the IX on the flag is their logo.


      Assuming they have made a song for Zombies?

    3. PINNAZ
    4. Ragdo11706


      Yea, I was talking to G.Q. and showed it to her, and she was thinking she had seen it before (a previous maps poster). Thus me asking you if you had seen it because I knew you worked on the Zombie Library. 

      I.N.K. style of music fits really well especially with the story line. Would be cool to see it happen. If you get a chance check out Me, Myself, & Hyde (mind you this single released 10 months ago).31587688_350_350.jpg.a3fd6a1871f2795540f

  19. I don't know why, but something tells me that were all going to be using that final workbench for the alternate Version of the "Apothicon Servant". ;-)


    Now where would one hang a Cocoon.....

  20. I don't know why, but something tells me that were all going to be using that final workbench for the alternate Version of the "Apothicon Servant". ;-)

  21. The 4 Lions in the Canal District with there mouths open, seem very out of place to me. Note between them it says "The Ladys Secret"

    1. Cheesegrater28


      There's now video of people throwing widow wine grenade's in the lions mouths and getting a white gumball from them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRxyUpzJ2wM

    2. The Clay Bird

      The Clay Bird

      Good call!  looks like you were definitely on to something!

    3. Ragdo11706


      Haha I knew it.

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