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  1. "My dad says he has a plan..." What the hell does this mean!? Also, what is it that Sam's dad said before he told them to lock the window? I couldn't quite make it out.
  2. I absolutely love that the characters have conversations with each other about what happened, and how richtofen explains what happened, but It's a bit difficult to hear the conversations over all the music, gunfire, and zombie groans. Same with the radios sometimes. I do like how easy it is to hear Samantha, though.
  3. I actually really like that theory, Future Richtofen going into his past self (somehow) maybe to change something?
  4. In the trailer, when we see Richtofen he seems almost confused as to whats going on. He looks at his hands as if he's done something and isn't sure why. Anybody have any ideas why he might be behaving this way? I figured this is too far in the past for him to be going mad, because that doesn't happen until he is telported to the moon. Ideas?
  5. Not possible, as they are not test subjects yet. But we'll see what Treyarch does.
  6. well, you have to understand time travel is a tricky thing. one disruption, and you've created hundreds of alternate timelines with alternate outcomes. if all it took to time travel was a Wunderwaffe being shot at a teleporter, then I'd be willing to say anything is possible - which could mean the WaW maps took place in a different timeline. Ah, man. Messing with my head now.
  7. There was no time travel until they jumped ahead to Kino. Which would mean the WaW maps were actually happening in real time (40s)
  8. 8 players was so fun, and I had no issues playing them, I would seriously love to play maps with 8 players without having duplicates running around.
  9. Has anybody checked if they added anything into the Black Ops 2 zombie menu? like a new journal entry or something? Or is this just a facebook thing?
  10. That's gotta be Takeo. Maybe the letters are from the original four?
  11. it's 1917 and IDK about Maxis. Does he strike you as an individual who would make spelling mistakes? Maybe the spelling mistakes are a hint? or code? or something?
  12. I just saw this on FB and rushed to the forums. Is this the discovery of 115? and is this a hint of the map packs release date?
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