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  1. Need to seriously calm down with all the MP hate. Not everyone in here is zombies exclusive so if you wouldnt mind stopping with all the insults towards MP. Its offensive and makes you sound childish.
  2. People need to calm down with the MP hate. I enjoy both sides of the game but MP is what sells COD. If treyarc cater to Mp more than zombies they are right to do so. Btw i dont have ADHD ;)
  3. I'm loving all the information people are gathering but for those posting videos about Leroy/permaperks etc can you please include a text description to go along with it rather than just the link? Would be much appreciated and keep up the good work!
  4. So is Al the guy behind the comic book loading screens? As in the artist? Could be he has visions of whats happening outside of MOTD. Maybe the loading screens are lost pages of his journal?
  5. Maybe reznov is tue sniper in the tower. He ended up in hell too amd hes trying to help out just a joke sorry.
  6. Great call ryan its getting impossible to find anything other than reposts atm
  7. For arguments sake i'll try it out today seen as it isn't much hassle but as everyones said, can't see it working. I'll report back.
  8. One of the characters says 'im only finishing what you started' but that refers to killing a zombie after it swipes you
  9. I like the Lucifer option. Seems more...i dont know, regal.
  10. Think u may be right, great catch. My mistake sorry guys.
  11. Anyone else notice the yellow eyes on the zombies going into the fan trap? Interesting.
  12. IF, as some are suggesting, they are filming a movie a la COTD it surely cant be happening at the same time as green run and die rise. Highly unlikely that they would be filming a movie in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. If its after then it would have to be waaaay after maxis (if some red eye theories are correct) takes control for the same reason. Maybe mid 40's if they are just voicing characters. I do hope theres a continuity to it as thats my favorite part of zombies!
  13. Unfortunatly not everyone is as level headed as you (altho the majority on codz are)
  14. I understand the concept and im fine with that but i just dont like people having a go at people. Like ive sed 'i was playing tranzit...' And been told 'NO you were playing green run smh'. Like it matters at all.
  15. Doesnt really matter either way people will know what u mean. Just some people get real upset is u call green run tranzit for some reason.
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