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  1. Here's mine. Excuse the pic quality. Kills: 223385 Downs: 875 Revives: 2948 K/D Ratio: 255 R/D Ratio: 3.37
  2. From the situation you've given, here's another one you can try: On the rooftop, a good spot where you can crouch is by the first drop off point closest to the semtex grenades. Crouch close to the edge but do not drop off. Face towards the direction of the semtex. Use your bowie so you get more points. Solo, only two at a time come so it's easy. Mp, sometimes a bunch of them focus on one player. If it gets too much, hop off and make your way up the ramp and back to the spot. If you get trapped: By trapped, I mean they're pinning you against a wall or corner and you can'
  3. [*:29epjheg]In a single game, have at least 400 headshots (open image in new tab) [*:29epjheg]In a single game, have a headshot ratio of 80% or higher with at least 500 kills [*:29epjheg]In a single game, make it to round 15 with 100% headshots Can this count for both? If not I can play another game. Lmk
  4. Hello. I finally broke down and created an elite account today. I don't enjoy filling out forms. :evil: OT: Is there a way to view other players' zombie stats on elite? I used the search function but it showed MP stats.
  5. Yep, I got this in Theater mode a few times, watching long games and leaving it on for a bit after it gets to the end.
  6. Hey! Can I get in on this? I have WaW, BO, and BO2 - all maps except for NTZ.
  7. @InfestLithium Ugh, split screeners! It's harder to identify split screeners in BO2. Some of them sign on with their own account so it looks like they're not playing on the same console. That's too bad the chat was removed. It would have made me come here more often for sure. @legacy Sounds good to me! We should definitely play sometime. Idk your ID, but mine's over there -----------> @jayghf1978 The play dates you mentioned sounds fun, I hope they do those again. I think it would be fun to play with people here. I only have PS3... how do I go about joining this team? Is th
  8. Hey there. I've been a member for a little over a month so I guess I should post some kind of intro. I'm not really a forum guy. This is actually the first forum I've joined, ever. My main reason for joining is to find decent people to play with, since pub matches on BO2 are actually worse than BO1 (no lobby filter for leaderboard; leaving = high rd not saved = wasted efforts). I was hoping Teammate Finder would be a better alternative to pub matches, so I posted there. It's been about a month since, so I don't think that worked out too well. I wish there was some kind of r
  9. It was in your first sentence. You also said one of the reasons you started this thread was because of the locked thread started by joel101988. Here's the title of that thread: PaP GALVAKNUCKS, Zombie Tazer Knuckles, and more... Here's an excerpt: "So, I haven't seen this posted on here, but I've noticed a pretty big find on the community.callofduty website. You can pack a punch the galvaknucles." In the locked thread, there was a video link of someone upgrading the knuckles. It's a troll vid, because if you do what the guy did, you will know that your melee attack goes away
  10. If you have only semtex and knuckles in your inventory, it will let you "upgrade" your semtex and knuckles. By that, I mean you can hold square (PS3) in front of the PaP machine, and it takes your 5k, but this is what happens afterwards: upgrading semtex: machine takes your 5k and semtex (you don't get it back) upgrading knuckles: machine takes your 5k; your melee attack is taken away Yes. There are a few things you can do to be able to sprint again. In addition to what you stated, you can also buy claymores. Additional notes here.
  11. Hey guys. In Tranzit mode, you can just store your m&s in the fridge instead of leaving it on the PaP machine and run around gunless for fun. I've done this a few times and made some notes, if anyone is interested. Tranzit Trivia: Playing with no guns
  12. You are probably correct with regards to the other perks, but for jug it actually lets you take more than two hits with the power off. I tested it offline though, so idk about online.
  13. I thought damaged zombies do not respawn. But after seeing your post, I started thinking... Slightly damaged zombies (the ones on fire from walking on lava) can still respawn if I'm not mistaken, so I agree with your assumption that it needs a certain amount of damage to not respawn. I noticed the last zombie of the round does not turn into a sprinter until rounds 4 and up. My guess: maybe before round 4, even if you take away 95% of their health they will still respawn? It's strange that the zombie you made armless still survived after you teleported. The ones I've seen
  14. There's another way of having an invincible shield without going down/dying. Hint: have no guns in your inventory.
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