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  1. Yeah I guess you are right it is a glitch. A glitch that no one here knew about, even the "hardcore" griefers. The grief players I roll with laughed at me cause I didn't know about it.
  2. No troll intended. Here's a video that pretty much demonstrates what I'm talking about. Tk6BTD8NwWA
  3. I was playing Cellblock on PS3 with my team last night. I saw a member on my team drink Double Tap then immediately downed himself with the raygun after drinking perk. I asked why the heck he did it and he said if you down yourself right after drinking a perk you will have that perk for the rest of the game, even if you get downed. You will lose the icon in your HUD but you will still have the effects of the perk. My teammate shot at the ground to prove to me that he still had the effects of Double Tap even after going down. Tk6BTD8NwWA
  4. And he tends to glitch out so even in zombie blood mode you cannot see him.
  5. A lot of grief players have been experiencing problems getting into Cellblock games. When it should go to the loading screen you just get a frozen black screen. This started happening after installing Origins. To fix the problem, from the XMB go to Game Data Utility, next delete all Black ops 2 data from here(you won't lose rank). You will then have to reinstall all DLC content. You need to download Origins DLC first, then you can download the rest of the DLC's. This is the only way to fix Cellblock that I have seen.
  6. I had one EE attempt glitch where no one on the team could see the red baron after shooting down his plane. We could hear him growling while running his laps, just couldn't see him. We tried every player with zombie blood for 5 rounds. What finally worked was the player with the fire staff got the zombie blood then ran around the excavation site charging the staff and shooting the ground making lava. It killed him and we got the Maxis drone back.
  7. Wow I've been looking for a strategy like this. My only way to get the team off of the catwalk behind double tap has been to bum rush and try to knife them off which usually goes horribly, or a taint. I'm going to be putting this strategy to much use. Thanks for posting this. My only criticism would be the music in your video, I had to turn the volume off. LOL
  8. OK I'm sold on O'sherbert, it's from their electric line of colors so it should be very bright. Some of the details on Reznov's Revenge are going to be hard to replicate. I think there is a pentagram on one side and on the rear of the rifle (dust cover) there is a weird trident looking symbol. I'm going to try and find some stencil making software. Otherwise I'm going to be spending HOURS drawing and cutting stencils.
  9. Ok one of my hobbies for the past 7 years or so has been gunsmithing and my specialty is the AK series of rifles. I have done a few custom paint jobs that seem to come out nice. Now I wanna step it up and attempt to paint/PAP one of my real AK-47's like Reznov's Revenge. I am going to paint the entire rifle lava orange, then mask the design/pattern, then paint the rifle deep grey. After the final coat of paint has dried, simply remove the tape and reveal the awesome orange PAP pattern. These are the colors I'm thinking about And for the grey LMK what you guys think! I can only find a couple images of Reznov's Revenge from google. If anyone can upload more HD pics maybe of it coming out of the PAP machine.
  10. I have completed Maxis's EE on Die Rise five times now. Just yesterday I completed the blood sacrifice step WITHOUT having the Krauss Refibulator. I have done it both ways with and without the Krauss and it seems to go about the same. The biggest factor in the blood sacrifice step I have seen is weather or not all four players are on the ground floor in the Buddah room. When we do it with one player running a train and the other three on the second floor ledge, it seems to take forever, usually around 10-15 rounds till we finally hear "reincarnation will reveal the way forward". Yesterday when I did the EE we had all four players stay on the ground floor in the Buddah room, for the first time and we got the sacrifice done in two or three rounds. So I think having all four players on the ground floor is the best/fastest way. Let me know if you need help PSN ID OHNO_IM_DOWN
  11. Try leaving the balls in the lions paw when you do the blood sacrafice. Like the guy above me said when you do the tramplesteam and ball step, when you put the tramplesteam on the lion symbol you CAN'T pick them up, that's how you know they are placed right.
  12. If you still need to get Dr Maxis's EE done send me a friend request. Must have a mic. PSN OBAMA_ASSASSIN2 If you don't know the steps watch this first sBVjYjFg3cc
  13. It just worked for me. Exactly as stated in the video. I got Cashback by buying quick revive about a dozen times then going prone. Soon as I got it(green smoke) I downed myself. I didn't quit out of the game. I then started a solo game of Die rise. First I bought Jugg and got 1000 back, I then went prone by jugg. Round 5 was Jumping jacks and I got Who's who from knifing them. Next I bought Double tap and again got 1000 back and again went prone by the perk machine. Next round I went down and bought Jugg for the second time and got 1000 back, but I was swarmed so I didn't go prone. That is where I think I lost it. I bought double tap again but didn't any points back. You lose it by not going prone immediately after buying a perk My last game of Tranzit shows me getting Cashback and the following game of Die Rise shows me using and losing it. PSN OBAMA_ASSASSIN2
  14. I had like 50 friend requests when I logged on this morning. I also had a lot of hateful messages, a couple mentioned hacking Turned. So I checked out my leaderboard and I am currently #1 in the world. I have only played one game of Turned and half way through I was getting dominated so I raged out. Now I'm ranked #1 and everyone on PSN thinks I'm a hacker. I'm afraid my account is gonna get banned. Thanks Treyarch My leaderboard on Turned is 0 Wins, 1 Loss, 0 Kills, 0 Returns PSN ID OBAMA_ASSASSIN2
  15. I've seen this done four or five times. It seems every time someone does it they get a freakin RPD. I think its just them getting lucky though.
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