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  1. I was playing local zombies the other day and I noticed that the power lines do not appear at all. When you turn the power on, the sparks still show, but I found it very weird and out of place. I restarted the game just to check if it was a loading glitch, but they were still not there. Could it be hinting towards the EE or debunking the use of these wires for a "next" step?
  2. It was fully functional when I had it on my back. If you want to try it out: 1. Build Zombie Shield. Keep it on your back. 2. Turn on power and build electric trap. Don't pick it up, yet. 3. Fall done in the lava pit next to the electric trap table. 4. Have the 2nd player kill the last zombie of the round. Now you should spawn with a shield on your back which doesn't break or disappear. You CANNOT use the zombie shield, it is permanently stuck on your back and so now you will able to technically have 2 buildables, one being the shield on your back and the other buildable of your choice!
  3. Also, someone posted images of an "electric beam" that heads the same direction as the other beams of light. It looks like Avogadro's shock attack, but it was too long to have been the Avogadro. He was playing on PC. So far, only Xbox and pc users can see these beams in laundr-o-mat.
  4. I was playing local zombies and I built the zombie shield. I replaced my turbine for the zombie shield and headed to the power room. Turned on the power and built the electric trap, but I accidently fell in the lava hole right next to the power room. I then spawned once my brother killed the last zombie and he noticed that I still had the shield on my back! I was able to have 2 buildables, plus it was unbreakable! Also I noticed that the power lines do not appear when playing local. Maybe a hint towards the EE? Edit: Just tried it again and it worked!
  5. It's from November 12th (1 month ago). I think it was supposed to hint that the light posts were part of the easter egg before most people figured out the Tower of Babble EE Achievement. ;)
  6. Don't know if this is relevant or not, but I just drew the 7:49 and 5:11 dials on one single clock. EDIT: I used one of the pics from this thread and I matched my picture above to make it look like this (red lines):
  7. Wait, are those lamp post lights unusual? Because my brother and I did the Richtofen side of the easter egg about a few days ago and we got the same lights going up to the pylon/spire. It was just the two of us doing the EE. I THINK I have the game saved in my file share, I have to check. I can try looking for the film later on tonight if you guys want me to show where they originate because I had the same thing happen to my brother and I. But I am pretty sure they were coming from the lamp posts near cornfield, cabin, depot, and diner.
  8. Magnifying glass I believe. Inspect the cars huh? Millimeter scanner might come in handy. Will try later tonight. But I don't know which gun to PaP to get the MMS sight.
  9. Yes! I know some don't believe this guy, but he is giving me so much things to try in Green Run that I never would of thought of trying. If he is lying and making us go on a wild goose chase, I don't mind. I just don't want him to flee from this forum because of the unnecessary anger towards this guy. :D
  10. We've known about the billboard for ages. Next hint please.
  11. The poster next to the quick revive shows a bus shooting out red lights. Maybe that's why you have to make his eyes red?
  12. I keep on seeing people suggest to go to: 1. Have the ladder on the bus. 2. Get a burning zombie into town. 3. Climb up on ladder to get on top of bus and let the zombie get on top. 4. When the bus starts to move, EMP it while the bus is under the stoplight. 5. Then, kill the burning zombie within the radius of the stoplight. IDK, might work or not.
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