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  1. For me, its Jug, in either single or multi. Its a must have for me, I like the extra security of having that extra 2 hits if Im ever in that scenario where your trying to revive a team mate in the middle of close quarters battle. After that its Double Tap, Speed cola and stamin up. As for guns, its the shottie at farm and then any decent AR from box not too bothered on what comes out not until the later rounds. PAP any time after 10, shottie in 1st then use when run out of ammo on AR then usually head to PAP close to twenty. Hover around the farm to pick ammo off wall for shottie.
  2. Quick revive is not quite true, my experience of losing it was getting downed to many time in a game. The most obvious way to try it is, downing your self to give someone else QR perma perk.
  3. Best one I have had is other night was playing solo early rounds wanting to get set up for a high rounder so drew money out of vault (enough for all perks, 3 pap weapons and Galva = 35k) ran out of vault into lava then into the 2 zombies I had left while I got set up !!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO was soo fustrating especially when it was the last of my cash. Funniest one has to be, playing a public with 3 randoms all newbies, no idea what they were doing. Since I was fairly experienced I took the lead, at power station turned on power then told them to follow me.. ran upto bridge didnt make the jump, died. Other 3 followed and just dropped off bridge. Then was like HUH ? in chat .... I was like *epicmajorfacepalm*
  4. listening to the audio file, thats no fog horn, just the bog standard audio file used whenever purchasing a wall gun for the 1st time. Which has been used through most of the franchise. Go buy the sticky grenade in town and listen there, the exact same sound. Or go play a round of Kino der toten on BO 1 and buy the olympia, eact same sound.
  5. Confirmed this last night, the crosshair changes colour to blue on party members. I think I already new this but convinced myself it was something else :D
  6. Ahh now that would make sense since the minimap shows your party members as blue as well.
  7. Never thought of that... Though i assumed unless he's REALLY new that people knew what the Tombstone perk drop thing looked like. Well up untill recently I would of thought the same, however Tranzit last night with a guy whos rank was the skull with the knife, didnt know about teleporting or how to get the galvaknuckles :o
  8. Exactly, that was my 1st thought however since Ive never once PAP'd the ballistic knife in Tranzit thats what got me thinking. When I get home tonight Im gonna do a little bit more investigating.
  9. It wasnt the tombstone was it ? Had another player died and dropped his tombstone ?
  10. Anyone ever noticed your crosshair turning blue on certain players ? Usually when you aim at another player its green (signalling a friendly) however I've noticed this a few times now that on some players it turns blue. It doesn't happen on every game either and usually when we have been in the bus. I thought perhaps it was to do with which part of the EE a player had done ( Richtofen or Maxis) but since I had not done the TOB EE and yet it got me wondering ? Anyone noticed this ? Is there any significance with this and the EE ? Or is there another reason ?
  11. Yeah not all PC players suck BTW... Great ideas, especially emp'ing the generators.
  12. How about trying placing the electric trap in front of your character when the avagadro appears ? ? The trap needs a turbine to power right ? Well instead of placing a turbine as well, just place the trap and let the avagadro shoot his bolt at it whilst your stood behind it ? ?
  13. The 'perma' perks are not permanent. The QR perk can be lost by going down to many times in a round, the same way its won. The Barric 'aid' (LOL) can be lost by not boarding windows.. The reverse of earning it. Not sure, but I would guess by not getting headshots (IE aiming for head) you can lost the Deadshot perk. Spider from NGT I think has confirmed this or atleast some of this
  14. Has anyone tried using the electric trap under where the orbs show up around the traffic lights ? then taking it to the table and using it there ? The trap seems like it will have a use somewhere in the EE... I know its not just for zombies (otherwise it would be called the zombie electric trap like the zombie sheild?)
  15. Maybe...down into the pack a punch room ?? I noticed there is consoles on the walls near 2 of the windows. Like the ones from the moon ... which had to be used for one of the easter eggs.
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