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  1. I don't think the EE is done quite yet. On that note if you look at the two pics jimmy posted saying "totally here" and "I am still here" both are pics that have the sun in them, it's the one thing they both have in common and it fits his MO of hints. His hints on release night of the pic of a lantern was him at the formosa bar and grill in hollywood. The whole "day x/2 me" comment on the billboards. My theory is that the sun has to do with the next step. My first instinct is that the ray gun has to be upgraded and the shot at the sun multiple times. but that's jsut off the top of my head. I've taken some time away from the game and removed all emotion from getting the next step. I thought about it in a logical way and looked at treyarchs history with the EE in each map pack. Not just "OH theire haz 2 be mor cuz dey give u mor befor!!!!!!!" but in how they structured them and if there were patterns. I would be shocked if there isn't more because it would break what they have done before. I don't have a normal group and always seem to miss when the one group I've played with are on. I can only usually test things solo and we all know that it isn't exactly the best way to test. I hope ya'll actually listen and if ya don't ........oh well i guess.
  2. He never says scalene triangle though, its possible it's a scalene ellipsoid
  3. vice versa, I think theres only one nav card and it's the nav card reader we have an issue with. I believe we have to get the nav reader fixed, which I think the orb on that transistor would do, to get it to accept the nav card we have. Remember the morse code? "Energy can only be transformed" well I'm wondering if we are gonna "transform the energy of the tower with the orb, or vice versa, and the nav reader will be looking for a different nav card, the one we have.
  4. I really think it has something to do with getting the orbs on the tower, the line runs from one of the tranformers to the nav card machine. I think were right there at the edge of the next step, I just think people may be focusing on the wrong things
  5. It could be the incorrect one though because the reader isn't reading it right. That's been what I was thinking about it at least. Even if not that is the only pylon with a cable like that so there is something more with the pylon. I've been thinking about it and the orb we saw on the pylon may have been energy. The morse code says "energy can only be transformed", so maybe this is how the energy is transformed, through the tower down the line.
  6. There was a video claiming proof. I don't think it was a troll but I don't know if they were right either, it didn't seem like a plausible way to guarantee it happens but they say it does every time. I'll try to find the video and link it on here.
  7. I like the idea of using a weapon that appeared with an orb on it. I think this is leading to one of the most sound theories I've heard in a couple weeks. It definitely sounds like how treyarch would continue the EE.
  8. YES, that's almost exactly what I was thinking. I didn't think about the different characters activating an orb each but that does make sense and does fit in perfectly with what treyarch would do.
  9. Appreciate the welcome guys, on the activision boards things are a little ridiculous with trolls so all our good info is starting to get buried and isn't getting a second look. Glad I found a place to help get the good info out there for people to keep working with. I'm looking forward to helping getting this EE solved. I dunno if you guys are torn on here about if there is a continuation but I believe there is definitely alot more to tranzit.
  10. So I know I'm new to these forums but you can find me on the Official forums. Things are getting crazy over there right now and I keep hearing good things about this board so I wanted to come over here and get your guys opinions on this. Look at these in order http://imgur.com/vpSSE http://imgur.com/mTDUZ http://imgur.com/mTDUZ http://imgur.com/Potdd http://imgur.com/KNLL1 So i was looking around in theater and this caught my eye. This is a cable that runs from the table up to the transformer. Remember the spanish video of the orb the guy got on the transformer on the tower? well there are six transformers on the tower, I think that something will get us an orb on the transformer with the cable and it will power the nav card machine. What's the thoughts you guys on here have about this?
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