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  1. Okay, so I'm becoming increasingly irritated by the morons out there that call the green puff of smoke Deadshot Dacquiri - it is not! Argh! Anyway I've noticed that only when I first started playing did I receive this head popping feature. Quite frankly I would not consider it a perk as when I kill a zombie I'm getting the same amount of points except I get a headshot animation no matter where the fatal bullet penetrated. I'm getting insane numbers of headshots, headshot collaterals, high rounds etc. and I still don't have this back. Though I still get these green puffs... BUT only
  2. Internet high-five man! Best post I've seen for a while... And to all the nay sayers that keep posting "fake", calling out people and generally not giving people a chance by just handing out shit... FUCK YOU! This is exactly what you get for constantly calling out people and not giving them a chance. So hopefully you'll learn to listen so we can start to piece everything together AS A COMMUNITY.
  3. I'm just going to jump straight in and say - anyone that believed Facility 41 was DLC is a f***king moron, go back in time what was the name of the area on the Moon the original cast went to... Griffin station! Where was it zombies were born... Dear Reise! That so many other loop holes it's unbelievable. This is a request... The so-called hacker(s) who is it/they and how can I contact them? Because again what they're feeding everyone is garbage... (1) code or script would not just be plainly written, it would have been compiled or at least obfuscated before release. (2) the wa
  4. I've done Maxis, but would prefer Richthofen's so anyone willing to help or want it add me on Xbox - Jimmy020889.
  5. Are all of you that damn sensitive! Give him a chance, I mean you're all asking for proof, well go ahead and provide your 100% guaranteed disproof. Just because everyone has been no-clipping and believing these piss poor hackers is no reason to dismay or call people out. He said to give him a while, so that he may upload proof to YouTube... Christ! Give the poor fellow a moment... Just imagine - the person who does reveal a break through, the first thing I would personally do is tell you guys then go uploading, revealing steps, etc. I'm sure most feel the same and would want t
  6. Tried old school shooting them with ray gun, jet gun, etc.? Shameless self promotion time! I'm away for Xmas, but if anyone would like to do some EE hunting, debunking or good ol' high rounds my GT for Xbox is Jimmy020889. I've deposited all I can to the bank, capable of making jet gun (even when clans are trolling, which seems to happening a lot!) and highest round is 24 (I had to leave).
  7. Dude...! I'm not a n00b; I'm aware of the electric powered doors, which are not opened by the pylons...
  8. Okay, then with all sincerity... It takes you mere minutes to fire up your console, find the gameplay or doing it, and taking a picture with your phone, screenshot, etc. Unless the next post is proof I call bullshit, because of concrete, valid, objective experience...
  9. jimmy020889


    Hi guys... My train journey is tiring and going around the forums I've noticed no one mention the broken pylons. My apologies if someone has posted already. There are 2 that I found yesterday - (1) as you enter Farm continue forwards, it's next to the barn with claymores; (2) left of the lamppost at Diner. What is striking about them is the spark that comes from the broken wire, drawing one's attention. Most of all though - that when you shoot it, it moves. This isn't a typical animation and I think it suggests the pylons are intractable...
  10. Dude, I can tell you concretely you're full of crap because I specifically checked that area out yesterday. I spotted the sheet of metal you refer to and to avail could I pick it up. Seeing as how close it is to spawn I suppose some concrete proof to backup your claim shouldn't be that difficult to obtain...
  11. Nice theory, BUT (and I'm dissapointed in you guys some of those quotes are an homage to to Romero's zombie films... "you don't bite me, I bite you!" I think is day of the dead, and slightly altered. Anyone notice Samue's canny resemblance to Romero... Just throwing it out there! Stuhlinger is NOT Samuel, he was a Nazi scientist that was employed after the surrender of Germany under operation paperclip (in real life btw!) by Washington. Something I considered today, when playing as Marlton... He refers to Rusman and Misty occasionally but never to Samuel. Do the other guys re
  12. Guys, guys, guys, guys! This is a desperate attempt at clutching straws; there is NO "danger", it's clearly the zombies and SFX that are creating this illusion; I mean, even someone noted that turning down SFX effects removes this so-called cry from Sam! I call bullshit. No offence meant to OP either.
  13. I think we've raced ahead of ourselves, we need to take a step back and slow down. As soon as the game come out all people wanted was easter egg(s). We need to go back, ask what has happened, what are the order of events, what do we know, what do we not know and what do we need to know. If we take a step back, look at the game... They have designed it in such a way that the hardcore zombie fans can delve, but even harder than they have ever done before BUT (and I give them kudos) not alienating those that just want to jump-in-and-out. I mean look how, in essence, easy the easter egg is,
  14. Several things have just struck me... NavCard... As in navigation and card... One would think, as the main mode of transportation around such a large sand-boxed environment is a bus, driven by a robot, that this card is for use with the bus to specify the destination. Perhaps not for Green Run, but maybe for future DLC... (1) Either the card is for Green Run and specifying destination whilst on the bus, within that game-mode. (2) Moving between maps, I mean everyone must have heard the bus bib on Nuketown, right? So it could be to literally to move around the zombies world.
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