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  1. I agree. The fact that "Die" and "Rise" are in different colors serves as further proof.
  2. As someone who lives in Vegas I support this 100% percent.
  3. That would be so amazing. You should work for Treyarch.
  4. Yeah you're pretty spot on. I think as then new maps come out the easter eggs will get increasingly difficult (just like BO1) with Green Run being the easiest. Nice signature man, it's pretty sick.
  5. Nice man! There is definitely something going on with that tower...
  6. I like how this is your first post. So to recap the list of trollers are: -BirdDog Dan -OPL Razor -itscanny And this is NOT harassment, yes I may be jumping to conclusions but three people who have little posts, accounts made recently then all start claiming about doing more about the EE and one of them claims he is/has someone on the "inside"... seems kinda suspicious. And BTW why am the only one who has been warned with the threat of a caution because of this? At least publicly. Come on, at least give him a chance to post proof before calling him a "troll".
  7. Trust me, when you realize what the teleporters are truly for (and are, for that matter), you will realize its possible to "go back" to that and other scenarios (hence the reinstatement of Nacht in the cornfield). -SEDAN Now this is interesting.
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