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  1. Hmmm must be glitches then... *Facepalm* OR IT'S THE THING I JUST SAID.
  2. Wrong. Denizens will kill you after 3 consecutive slashes no matter what. You stepped into a lit area (stops, etc.) or near a streetlamp.
  3. Only buildable I found useful at all was the Turbine.
  4. SHANGRI LA This map. Where do I begin? I'll begin at the start of the map. From the get go you are treated to the most beautiful zombie map to date. With the bright colors, detailed foliage, and ancient temple asthetic that can't be beat. Hell, the blue sky even contrasts beautifully with the orange of the map itself. With tons of new ways to influence the way you play zambies, this has to be one of the most feature-rich maps to date. With the escape routes like the Mine Cart and Slide, the Water "Trap", the geysers propelling you around the map, etc. What was even better is th
  5. One person from a company known for trolling us said one thing that can be construed in many ways that directly contradicts what the creative developer of the gamemode said multiple times on many occasions once. KUNFURRRRRRRRRMED!!!!!!!
  6. Ranks are pretty accurate from what I've seen. Crossbones suck, Skulls are ok, knives are good, shotguns are great.
  7. XD You guys know who you're talking to, correct?
  8. Being holed up in this ruined building was very representative of my life. Anyone who wanted in would have to tear down the boards, and it was equally difficult to leave. I suppose seclusion was preferable to company, if one's company had the goal of devouring you. I wasn't normally one to hide from something like this, but even I need to sleep. When I would leave, however, was a different story altogether. The longer I waited inside the more vermin would swarm outside, making leaving even harder. The more I dwelled on this, the more I realized how bad an idea this was. I should be
  9. The Pyramid in question is the M.P.D. An ancient and vastly powerful device found deep inside the Moon believed to have been built by the Vril-Ya. Not much is known about it, aside from the fact that whoever is inside it pretty much becomes a deity and can control Zombies, among other things. It also serves as a way for your soul to travel into the Aether, as demonstrated by Richtofen's soul being in the Aether "Still adjusting to the Aether, it wreaks havoc on the pipes" Whoever is in the Aether through the M.P.D. is, again, essentially a deity, able to control zombies and have man
  10. A big rock/mound of dirt looks identical to a knife? And Triple said I was crazy.
  11. People see bloody clothes in both maps and try to connect the two. Been done before.
  12. Marlton was a genius character. Funny, intelligent quotes, and many subtle hints towards a past being bullied or working with other organizations. Very well voice acted to boot. Magnifique. Misty is an utter failure character-wise. Transparently trying to create a female Dempsey with none of the charm. An annoying voice is punctuated by a ton of "I'm so cool" and "I'm a masculine woman look at me" stuff. Did I mention she was trying too hard to be Dempsey? Yeah, that comes up alot. In addition to not even being well written, with seemingly fewer lines than the other characters, none of wh
  13. Does no one read anymore? Der Riese... "You know, I was on fire once, It was no fun." (upon getting a kill with the flamethrower)"
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