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  1. Hmmm must be glitches then... *Facepalm* OR IT'S THE THING I JUST SAID.
  2. Wrong. Denizens will kill you after 3 consecutive slashes no matter what. You stepped into a lit area (stops, etc.) or near a streetlamp.
  3. Only buildable I found useful at all was the Turbine.
  4. SHANGRI LA This map. Where do I begin? I'll begin at the start of the map. From the get go you are treated to the most beautiful zombie map to date. With the bright colors, detailed foliage, and ancient temple asthetic that can't be beat. Hell, the blue sky even contrasts beautifully with the orange of the map itself. With tons of new ways to influence the way you play zambies, this has to be one of the most feature-rich maps to date. With the escape routes like the Mine Cart and Slide, the Water "Trap", the geysers propelling you around the map, etc. What was even better is that the small size and difficulty of the map actually forced you to use these features to survive, instead of just being additions, they were damn-near neccessities. It really changed the way you played zambies. The bosses were really cool too. Walking traps that had a real effect on the gameplay. Flamey and Shrieky will live on forever in my heart. Though there wasn't much justification to them being there (Genetix experimentz gais) they made the map far more enjoyable. Monkeys stealing and randomizing our power-ups always kept ypu on your toes and discouraged the slow-paced gameplay of other maps. That's another point. This map is fast, a very nice change of pace from maps like Moon. The design of the actual Zambies themselves were also wonderful. You had female zambies for the first time, those little shriveled guys that looked absolutely ravaged crawling around, and they're all covered in 115 cancer stuff. Awesome. It's also got some of the funniest lines in the game. DER RIESE An absolute Titan of a map, "The Giant" is correct. In a map like this, you knew shit was gonna go down. The aesthetic is absolutely wonderful. That kind of ruined industrial feel that future maps like Ascension just can't match. The whole place is dirty and gritty, serious. Worse graphics actually benefit this map, IMO, gives it an even rougher feel. Hellhounds. Not only do I love these little guys to death in their normal hellrounds, but 3Arc had the INGENIOUS idea to put Hellhounds in with regular zambies, just to keep things fresh and interesting. It's not just a giant horde of zambies after you, it's a pack of wild devil dogs punching ahead of the pack to murder you horribly. It's Der Riese guys, come on. GREEN RUN MASSIVE in size and in appeal, Green Run gets my third spot. While some whiny little people will complain about how "Itz too hard" or "itz dumbZ" and "Take out the stupid lava, and the fog, and the denizens, and all the stuff that makes this map unique", I contiue to defend the decisions 3Arch has made here. The map's atmosphere is unquestionably the best in the series. (Some may argue for Verruckt but I can't hear any of those damn sounds while I'm NOT walking a crawler) Fog and lava, with 115 raining down from the sky, it's magnificent, and you can't deny it. More difficulty is IMO a good thing. Treyarch are trying to expand upon the simplistic gameplay of Zambies. Play Green Run then play Kino Der Toten. The difference is uncanny. Buildables, while I find many of them to be useless, are a very cool addition. It gives yet another element of progression into Zambies, and encouraged you to explore. "I need the plow, damn, not here, gotta look around more". Great. Lava and exploding zambies damaging other zambies which you can set on fire again and do way more damage to the whole horde since zambies on fire have less health anyway = win Not-so-Perma-perks = win More max zambies = win They added so much to Zambies in Green Run, and it's just the starting point. Plus the map is super fun. Everyone knows that moment when you're stuck on Farm and can't cross the lava without Jug and you see the bus's headlights and it's like your saviours have arrived, as everyone piles out and finished the round. Great. Also it looks super cool.
  5. I own albums with covers gorier than this game. It could do with a little more, if that's the direction 3Arc wishes to go. Which it probably isn't.
  6. One person from a company known for trolling us said one thing that can be construed in many ways that directly contradicts what the creative developer of the gamemode said multiple times on many occasions once. KUNFURRRRRRRRRMED!!!!!!!
  7. Ranks are pretty accurate from what I've seen. Crossbones suck, Skulls are ok, knives are good, shotguns are great.
  8. XD You guys know who you're talking to, correct?
  9. The Pyramid in question is the M.P.D. An ancient and vastly powerful device found deep inside the Moon believed to have been built by the Vril-Ya. Not much is known about it, aside from the fact that whoever is inside it pretty much becomes a deity and can control Zombies, among other things. It also serves as a way for your soul to travel into the Aether, as demonstrated by Richtofen's soul being in the Aether "Still adjusting to the Aether, it wreaks havoc on the pipes" Whoever is in the Aether through the M.P.D. is, again, essentially a deity, able to control zombies and have many other powers we know nothing about yet. The device is also powered/awakened by souls, for some reason. Probably just to make the Story Quest (these are NOT Easter Eggs anymore) harder.
  10. A big rock/mound of dirt looks identical to a knife? And Triple said I was crazy.
  11. People see bloody clothes in both maps and try to connect the two. Been done before.
  12. Marlton was a genius character. Funny, intelligent quotes, and many subtle hints towards a past being bullied or working with other organizations. Very well voice acted to boot. Magnifique. Misty is an utter failure character-wise. Transparently trying to create a female Dempsey with none of the charm. An annoying voice is punctuated by a ton of "I'm so cool" and "I'm a masculine woman look at me" stuff. Did I mention she was trying too hard to be Dempsey? Yeah, that comes up alot. In addition to not even being well written, with seemingly fewer lines than the other characters, none of which are any fun to listen to, and lack creativity. Russman. He's actually quiet (I haven't heard many quotes from him despite playing as him alot), but he seems to be pretty cool. A murky Alzheimer-addled past gives alot of oppourtunity to flesh out the character. I hope they don't push an "I'm old and homeless, hur hur hur" thing on him because that would ruin the foundation they could build so much on. Sam is... an odd one. I enjoy him as a characcter, with many funny lines. I like the "paranoid conspiracy theorist" thing they went with, but I fear in future he may become a broken record. While I'm not sure why they decided to make his love for food so apparent, it's a nice quirk that stops him from being completely one-dimensional. Since they made him so important to the story, I very much hope he stays likeable.
  13. TranZit was a stupid pun, so is this. Fits perfectly.
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