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    History on the TranZit characters?

    If they dont bring them back. Black ops 2 would be a fail fullstop. Yeh possibly another crew that are still alive and are pretty similar with trying to get power with either Maxis or Richtofen but getting power in a different way :idea:. Marlton is just the best hes always just shouting at himself "BULLET CONSERVATION MARLTON!" :lol:
  2. HarpoGoldenx

    History on the TranZit characters?

    Yeh im not fully happy with the characters not being in it shame
  3. HarpoGoldenx

    History on the TranZit characters?

    I've frequently been playing on TranZit for a while now and I've come across several quotes from our characters that show us that our characters have already met and dislike one another. I think that Marlton and Misty are a pair as Misty sais quotes when she is building certain contraptions. she sais along the lines of trying not to hurt Marltons feelings and say i found it but misty also has a thriving hate for Samuel as she sais he smells and the zombies should just take him. Also Marlton has taken a dislike to Russman and he says that if he dies then he is glad that Russman will be next. So i just can't help but feel that all of these characters have a past and know eachother in some way. Also what is up with Samuel and his conspiracy theories, he talks about them all of the time!. Your thoughts and opinions would help me out so much. Thanks :)

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