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  1. My Favourite Zombie Maps are: World at War:Der Riese Black Ops:Ascension Black Ops II:Town Feel free to reply with your favourite and fill in the poll ABOVE/BELOW!
  2. the list below contains 5 bo2 zombie weapons and please reply which is the best 1.JET GUN 2.RAY GUN 3.HAMR 4.RPD 5.LSAT If your favourite gun isn't mentioned please be sure to reply with it below :)
  3. I am listing my favourite perks from all the games that contain zombies in order. Feel free to reply you favourite perks or if i have missed any. 1.Juggernog 2.Speed Cola 3.Quick Revive 4.Tombstone 5.PHD Flopper 6.Stamin' Up 7.Mule Kick 8.Double Tap Thank You and please reply! :D
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