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  1. I'm not sure if those events still occur, but they were not shown to me even after watching the entire epilogue
  2. All in all I think I got the "best" possible ending. Also side note what ever happened to the fourth guy you had in the opening 2025 mission. I don't even remember his name right now.
  3. might have better resolution on PC... if one of our PC brethren wouldst kindly take a look
  4. wait only one of them is lit up for you? Which one... I don't think any of mione are lit up (haven't completed any part of the easter egg)
  5. Saws too bad the electric trap / jet gun theory didn't pan out. I was hoping to go all ghost busters on the 'gadro.
  6. mostly headshots, no green mist and I already had the zombie head popper.
  7. Unless it IS an easter egg part and thus does not show up in theatre mode.
  8. Since this sounded quite plausible (well-written post by the way), I decided to test it out with some friends. There were three of us in the game, and I decided to pick up the MP5K on Round 1 and exclusively use it for the rest of the game (not even PaP it, just in case that counted as a different weapon). I picked up Double Tap and had the Headshot Popper (non)permanent perk, and kept them for the entire game - This acted as my baseline for damage. By Round 18 something interesting happened! On Round 17 it took me 3 bullets to the head with the MP5K + Headshot Popper + Double
  9. Can anyone confirm the bolded part? I am having a hard time getting random pubs to cooperate with me Either way, have we scoured the map for any hidden switches ala the Der Ries flytrap. (For those too young in zombies to know, and those too old to remember: Der riese had a switch waaay outside the movement bounds of the map that could only be activated by hitting it with a PaP'd Sniper rifle.) That open area above diner makes me suspicious of any switches nearby
  10. I don't think you can have copyrights on a shape, and even then they could get away with it by labelling it as an homage.
  11. I personally think each character will have 1 part of the EE devoted to themselves. We know Samuels, I think Russman may be able to see things that the other can't, Marlton (and specifically his watch) are apparently supposed to be important (i think he'll use his watch to reprogram the nav card) and Misty is the only one I can't think of a specific job for. Of course if anyone sees the swirling lights on the stoplights in the town with a character other than Russman my theory will fall flat on it's face.
  12. Not much to say names Aeoneth (A - on - eth), been following the Zombies story since WaW. have a million different theories but need to test them still.
  13. I think they just require maintenance. Like if you get the head popper(Head-Off?) then you need to keep making headshots to maintain it. Im not sure what the conditions would be for the other two (three?) would be. Perhaps you can't let an ally die with Quickie? Or with Barric-Aid you can't be relying on caprenter powerups?
  14. Just a quick observation. Did anyone else notice both of those videos the player that could see was Russman. Perhaps the next part is something only Russman can do. Just like Sam could only hear Rictophen. Edit: Sorry i just rewatched the video and noticed that both players were Russman for the streetlight orbs, not for the box ones.
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