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  1. im pretty sure its the emp. just train all of them and throw an emp :!:
  2. if you can link a pic, i may can help. not to sure. i havent played chess for quite a while.
  3. i posted the video along with the thread in another topic, and if you read the thread, you will notice that someone talked about getting a new perma perk and described it. he wanted to upload a video but was able to find another video which showed the same effect he had ingame. so either he trolled and linked his own video later on, but i dont believe it. i guess its legit. but feel free to debunk it.
  4. i only know these three paintings tower of babble not from hieronymus this one is in a better quality the ears these are part of the right panel of the garden of delights what i find interesting is the oustide of the triptych tondals vision (the burning gateway) complete tondals vision (done by an imitator) and no i havent said that the pictures are less important because of the fact that they are not from one person. infact i made a thread 2 weeks ago about the same topic (paintings and signs). the only part besides the tower of bable, which reprents the trophy is the ears. i believe that it should show that we cant follow both voices, since we cannot seperate us. but this is a vague guess, and it may not be true. p.s. for the huge paintings, you need to rightclick and show image.
  5. im sorry to disappoint you, the only painting done by hieronymus is the one with the ears. the one with the gateway was done by an imitator which isnt known. and the tower of babble artist isnt known as well.
  6. hi, the first three pics arent random, at least the last 2 games i played, they didnt changed at all. i dont know what the first picture, i havent seen this one before. the second may be the treyarch sign and the third the atom sign fourth the nuke sign and the last is for the shelter. about the clock, its not entirely true what you said the clock is on three at 99-67 population, on 2 for 66-34, on 1 for 33-1 and on 0 if the population hits zero. dont know if it belongs to the ee, but you can blow up the generator, 2 trafos (one on each house), and dozens of sockets (i have found ~20). im totally on your side that the 3k for the door is way too much, if the power up doesnt have any purpose. if anyone has a smartphone, i heard about an app where you can search for a pic you made in the internet, maybe this will help finding the first sign.
  7. dont know if it was done before, but we tried to use the electric trap on the avogadro as well as the jet gun, but neither had any effec. we also treid to make the avogadro hit the generators in the power station, but i wasnt able to make him hit the generator.
  8. yeah its right next to the sielke garage or what it is. and there are wires highlighted and some quotes mention water. and if i remember right this is the only place where you find water. the silo on the farm is for wheat i guess.
  9. hi, i wanted to test a few things with the avogadro, one thing was to emp him when he is standing right below the water tower. unfortunately he hasnt spawned in the fields/grass, but always on the street. so i had no chance to lure him to that spot. do you guys know if it is actually possible that he spawns in outside of the bus depot? and do you think this idea will lead to anything?! thanks
  10. if seen it too here is a thread from over at activision forums with a video embedded. http://community.activision.com/message/413735533
  11. so this may be off, but i just wanted to throw this in. arent there two pylons which lay down above the street? maybe these are the bigs arms for the clock?! this may be utter bull****. if i have the chance i will try to test some things the next time i play. and very good suggestion to the op!
  12. over at callofduty forum someone found the clear text for the md5 hash http://community.callofduty.com/thread/200567144 its "SLOW DOWN COWBOY" he made another great thread about tesla
  13. no, the first cant be an e, h or n, because the 2 dots mark the beginning and the end of the neonglass (dont know the right word). an e would require four of those dots, i believe an h 6 and the n 6 but they should have been on the bottom left and on the top right. if it doesnt make sense to you, english isnt my first language^^
  14. yeah thought the same. the sign is saying moon here in a way. im still trying to figure out what the other letters could be. Thanks for the picture, I was trying to find one. Maybe the top says Motel? ok motel wasnt that hard the first letter from the other word can be "L" or "Z" and the third may be an "A", but no clue what the last could be. it seems you guys are firm with decoding and stuff, and i was wondering if the lights on the dinner sign might be a code. dont have the complete one as a pic right now. only this. maybe its something like 0101010010001
  15. yeah thought the same. the sign is saying moon here in a way. im still trying to figure out what the other letters could be.
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