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  1. i checked the text and all the way at the bottom i found something interesting that i haven't seen or heard in tranzit before: does anybody know what this means? Someone mentioned this already, his idea was that there is a night bus which can be controlled by the player... Could be the Jet Gun cooling down????
  2. Str8 Awaay

    Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    I posted about this "flash" when the Zombs exploded before. I only have noticed it on Local Games, never Online. Which would mean its not an earnable, rather just a different explosion.
  3. Str8 Awaay

    The Missing Steps: What we were missing

    Could it also be possible, but hopefully not , that the EE is unable to be completed until the DLC is added? Or some type of upgrade to the game? As in this is all 3Arc wants us to be able to do at this time?
  4. Str8 Awaay

    Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    Since this sounded quite plausible (well-written post by the way), I decided to test it out with some friends. There were three of us in the game, and I decided to pick up the MP5K on Round 1 and exclusively use it for the rest of the game (not even PaP it, just in case that counted as a different weapon). I picked up Double Tap and had the Headshot Popper (non)permanent perk, and kept them for the entire game - This acted as my baseline for damage. By Round 18 something interesting happened! On Round 17 it took me 3 bullets to the head with the MP5K + Headshot Popper + Double Tap. On Round 18 it started taking me only 1 (ONE!) headshot to kill the zombies with the MP5K. I didn't notice any orb or hear any sound (I've never noticed a sound when receiving the permanent perks, only when losing them), but I'm convinced this is the exact permanent perk the good sir above was refering to! We continued playing until Round 28 and I retained this perk the entire game. I did keep almost exclusively using the MP5K the whole time though so I don't know how long using another weapon would cause you to lose it again, although I would assume that you could not activate this perk on another gun without losing it on the current one. Some observations regarding the perk: - I started using the MP5K at round 1 and used it exclusively (apart from meleeing denizens and about 2 zombies), and I had the perk by Round 18. This might mean that you need to use a weapon exclusively for 17 rounds (matches with 17 revives for Fast Revive perk....hmmm....coincidence? I think not) - I decided to upgrade the MP5K on Round 26, and the upgraded version still had the bonus! This leads me to believe that it still counts as the same gun when upgraded. So you could probably do 17 rounds as a combo of the regular and upgraded version of the gun to receive the perk. - As an indicator that you have the perk (apart from the obvious damage boost), when you remove a limb from a zombie (or pop their heads off), it makes a more *crunchy* sound than normal. Kinda hard to explain this one, but the limb removal noise is definitely different. It's like bones are snapping more or something. - The perk only applies to the gun you were using when you gained it; I also had a HAMR but it did not have the damage bonus (and didn't make the *crunchier* limb removal noise) Finally, huge congrats to the guy above for finding this! At last, a proven 4th (non)permanent perk! P.S. I would have analysed this further, and checked for noises/orbs etc but when I try to play my recent game in Theater it gives me "You have selected an invalid film or clip". Typical.. P.P.S Ah ha! I know exactly what it is!!! I decided to load up a new game solo to check that I still had it, which I did. I then realised that body shots weren't doing extra damage (I generally go for headshots only) and it dawned on me. This perk makes you do extra LIMB damage! This explains why headshots were doing more damage, as well as arms coming off easier, as well as the extra crunchy noise whenever limbs were being removed. So there you have it chaps, an extra limb damage perk for your chosen gun. This makes me think that it might not simply be about using the same gun for a number of rounds, but instead getting a certain number of limb removals with a gun (bearing that in mind, I had about 300 headshots by round 18 if that ends up being helpful, but you'd have to account for extra limb removals from arms and stuff too of course). Thisis wild - today I did the saem thing , MP5 for about 20 rounds with dbltap. firing into a crownd torso level and got a green poof, then i noticed an improved damage, its was about round 12. I would agree with this theory, especially since it is tracked in the leaderboards just liek headshots, and revives. - Gibs '
  5. Str8 Awaay

    Another Rank predicting thread/theory

    +++Agreed , but you know how the "Youtubers" cover themselves - "There are some unkown factors that also effect Rank, that we cant be sure of yet" Ok, so that means......
  6. Str8 Awaay

    Another Rank predicting thread/theory

    Ok so here is my current experiment to Prove/Disprove Ranking theories on YouTube. I currently have 55 K/D with 5 "slashes" , I should need 60-70 K/D to "Rank Up" So I am playing Solo survival ( No Quick Revive ) and Getting 1000 K/D every game, to bring up my K/D. Which is 1000 Kills 1 Down. I f I do this with enough consistency I SHOULD Rank - up quickly. ( QR would undermine my k/d unless I can double my kills after the first Down until the next down )
  7. Str8 Awaay

    Another Rank predicting thread/theory

    Pinnaz, what you said about getting your blue eyes , omg. I've posted the exact scenario in another Thread. That is what happened to me I had a horrible game , went down on early round, didn't make it past round 8. And Boom , had the blue eyes. I feel like its directly related to your downs maybe ? I have heard similar stories about the "Blue Eyes "
  8. Str8 Awaay

    Another Rank predicting thread/theory

    So if i were to play say 7/8 games of surivival hit a 1000 each time and go down just once at the end i would rank up, easily done. What about if i hit a thousand, dont go down, then quit. and repeat would that work?!? According to some people's theories - YES And to make it worse, they are Exiting out of the game completely if they go down before they wanted to. Just to get that K/D Ratio. It would be a Flawed way of ranking to say the least. It would not award high rounds at all. only k/d ratio. This is the most talked about theory right now though. I hope its not true. I hope its more complicated then that.
  9. Str8 Awaay

    Another Rank predicting thread/theory

    Kills: 8804 Downs: 224 Deaths: 147 skull emblem. that is a roudn a 40 k/d ratio, I keep hering you need like a 60+ for next level , then 100+ for the following . This would be horrible for the players who have a bad k/d then want to ttry and rank up, because you have a steep hill to climb now. For instance you would need about 5000 more kills with practically no downs, to "Rank up"
  10. Str8 Awaay

    Another Rank predicting thread/theory

    Ok, I just uncovered a VERY interesting "theory" some eveidnece backs it up too! I hae been wondering what 3Arc considers a "Day" well the community finally came up with an answer. And I will tell you why its important to know. Let's say we believe its 7:00PM EstStdTime, which we do. You wake up, goto school. Come home play till 6:00pm. Wakeup the next day , goto school, Come hoen, Do home work. Watch TV, then playat 7:30pm UH OH ! You missed a whole day, your gonna lose Rank! You Never played between 7:00pm the night before to 7:00pm today. WTF This is why I have de-Ranked and lost abilities, just has many others have. You will have to figure your time, from 7:00PM Eastern Standard Time.
  11. Str8 Awaay

    Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    I honestly never noticed if my character said anything. I have gotten all the abilities multiple times. I thought what I heard in the video was Eddie saying Congratulations, you know what your doing, or something like that. Which I interpreted to be from a teammate turning the power on, which would confirm my theory. But, anything could be true, I have just done alot of research both online, and in-game. I am open to any new information though, not like some of the communitiy that writes these earnables off as 100% Glitches and swears they will be patched by 3Arc ASAP. --- Doubtful ---
  12. Str8 Awaay

    Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    Im not any means trying to act like a "Moderator" because I am guily of this too. But, we should proboly move our information about "Loosing" the Earnables to the Proper discussion. viewtopic.php?f=136&t=25654 This way we keep this just to Unlocking andmore organized. :roll:
  13. Str8 Awaay

    Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    Ok, here is what I believe happened in this video. I coould be wrong but, I need other to confirm. Someone in your game had purchased Jugg whilethe power was off, then you went down ormaybe re-spawned. Then oncethe power isturnedon, everyone who died automatically recieves the perk. This is more of a glitch type of accurance. But, moreinfomaybe needed to confirm. But, thishas happened to other people,and I have seen in other videos.
  14. Str8 Awaay

    Another Rank predicting thread/theory

    Ok, here is some info - I haven't missed a day of playing at least two games a day, since I got the game. Today I got on and I lost a hash mark. ?@?!? The only thing that happened prior , was my son played 2 horrible games , which is unlike him , since I would put him up against anyone his own age - 5 anyday for money , he would kill hard. But anyway , I went from 5 slashes to 4 slashes , and I played every single day. I also lost my blue eyes in the same process. I have since regained both back to my original point from yesterday. Is it possible it would matter when they count as " a day " 24 hours or a calender day ? Either way I had both covered. Also - I lost all my "Earnable Abilities " today just as many others have. I think it was some kind of reset for the new month. Being that it is 12/1 , just some food for thought.
  15. Str8 Awaay

    Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    Yes, this confirmed. I have lost all od my abilitys today 12/1/12 I lost a Rank. A slash mark next to my skull ( both I have earned back today ) And I lost my Barriers, Revive, Headshot, Sprint all in one game. I also heard this mysterious noise in the game I lost them in that other people are reported to hear. Although I dis not start the game with these abilitys, some people say that lost them midgame when they heard the sound.

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