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  1. Have you tried holding X, shooting them with PAP guns?
  2. Well shit. I can't find a thing, no trigger, no nothing that will play any of the songs.
  3. Ok, I have found multiple songs in the hidden audio. Looking in the S / C though, I can see a couple of triggers, but only for stuff like dying. I could be wrong, but I think that the songs you're hearing aren't triggered by the bear.
  4. Hate to break it to all of you, but the game files contain cached data from the game engine. This means that all the WAW and BOI weapons ARE stored in the BO2 files, but are 100% unusable in there current form.
  5. Pile in isn't in the S/C but that isn't really something gamechaning, and you could probably test that yourself
  6. Hello. My name is Joe, but I go by the internet persona 'Xekhin'. I spend my time, cracking open the S/C and other game files, to shed light on situations like these. I believe I was the first person to crack the audio, but I didn't leak it. The audio that you speak of, these sounds that don't add up, and your theory suggesting that the Easter egg is over, are correct. Let me explain, in the S/C it is quite obvious where we start in the EE, it looks like the points we start at are around step 3-4. But, the triggers to play certain sounds reveal very little in regards to the egg, they are menial steps that provide no major role in the story. The developers fucked up a little bit, they didn't intend on us being able to leak game data, and skip steps so easily. If you would take a look at my thread (Multiple EE continuation myths debunked - second bus confirmed) and goto the linked text document (every piece of text that can appear on your screen) you will discover that the text 'navcard accepted' is in there. When the patch for shangri la was released, alot of data (Models, weapon data values, skins) where put in, deep within the files, so that when moon dropped it wouldn't be such a big update.
  7. Sadly, not yet. The data for the B01 Thundergun and the WAW Wunderwaffe are cached in the engine files, (you can see data about them in the linked text document) but have no buildable parts, or files that would make them work in TranZit
  8. Nope, complete bullshit. The bus only moves as fast as its default speeds (it gets slower and faster in certain ares)
  9. A whole tonne of cached WAW and BOI files are in there, but a 'flame barrier' does appear in the S/C
  10. If everything you say is legit, go into the S/C and search for things related to the PaP, my theory will be proved :)
  11. Im not looking to argue, the game doesnt simply spawn the PAP room in, it moves it from a location far away from the map, with colours that blend into the background, it simply moves the room and changes the colours
  12. From what I can tell, the light sequence is random
  13. False: No matter what triggers are used, the inside of the church would always be the same, they cant just trigger a complete change of the church's interior + add an enterance etc without it being REALLY obvious in the script The PAP room isn't visible until the turbine is placed AFAIK, there could be more places like this. Just saying. Also false, its just quite far outside the map
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