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  1. Meh, like you said it's like the EA sports games, just an updated roster every year. That said, I just went back and played MW3 and MW2 back to back and MW3 feels a lot smoother and looks a lot better than 2. BO1 to BO2 doesn't seem to be as big of a jump, but I never played BO1 multiplayer a whole lot, just zombies. I was considering the jump to BF4 this go around, but I played BF3 finally and it just felt clunky compared to what I was used to in the CoD series. Seeing that, I may just keep up with CoD franchise.
  2. This is very similar to what I thought. They either did this to close the story and end zombies or make it a blank slate for next game, or.. This could be in WW2 Germany as we hear air raid sirens. Her dad would be the Maxis we first learned about in WaW, and is working for 935 during and prior to the Der Reise radios. This would make the Origins map strictly made up (instead of the whole zombie story line) as the kids played to pass the time. The issue here is you have to take a lot of the nods to our story as just that, nods to us as fans and nothing more. My other problem is she doesn't sound like Samantha from WaW and the posters and her clothes aren't indicative of that era, IMHO, but could be considered nods to story and CoD in general. Honestly, I hope its the latter, but won't effect it too much for me either way. I haven't played much since BO, this story line ad complex maps haven't appealed to me like the original Nazi Zombies did. I even loved the story in BO, although it got away from what got me into zombies story a bit.
  3. The NGT guys had this issue on their live stream just a few minutes ago when I was watching.
  4. I've kind of thought since seeing the trailer that Samantha may be put into Ricks body, and that achievement makes me think that even more.
  5. You have a fantabulous name OP lol. But yes, slightly old news.
  6. I can confirm the knifing one. It was the first one I got since I haven't played much but it happened the other day as I was knifing some zombies to death around round 4 or 5. Only noticeable difference is it seemed to knife faster
  7. What are you calling the flytrap hallway? I always held up on the catwalk in the teleporter just past the original box spawn.
  8. I think I made it to 31 or 33 with a split screen friend.
  9. I feel you OP. I miss the simple killing of zombies. I do enjoy the story tremendously, but seeing who could get the highest round amongst my friends was much more fun. I honestly am way worse at BO2 Zombies than either of the previous two.
  10. Those would be for transferring money to another player, IIRC. I believe galvaknuckles are needed.
  11. It looks to be PaP'ed when the guy spawns in as a human.
  12. I guess I've never heard of this, care to explain?
  13. I don't see how it's the 80's, it seems clear to me it's in the 60's, I can't say a specific year, but with BO being in the 60's, Moon's NML appearing to be in the 60's as well (banner hanging), the plates on the bus say '60 and the 60's era vehicles at Green Run. There's just never been any question in my mind it's in the 60's. I think it's only shortly after the events of Moon and Nuketown, as when you get your first drop, Rich hacks up a lung and says "Sorry, just getting used to the aether" like he hasn't been there long. Maxis's quote about trying for years would still apply as he's been gone since the mid 40's. Sorry to go off topic. Back OT, Nacht does confuse me a bit as well. The bus driver always mentions Greenbriar Resort (a famous bunker location) when passing the cornfield when I play, so I assume he's alluding the the bunker that is Nacht. The fact the guide calls it the "Prototype" could signify to me that the US has recreated a prototype of the first encounter by US Forces of Nazi Zombies. I was always under the impression when playing the original WaW NDU that it was actually IN Germany. I can't recall the text at the beginning about it, but it was heavily implied. Now 3arc could've ret-conned NDU into the storyline at Green Run, since there didn't seem to be any story line really developing until SNN, or some say Verruckt (again I think they just ret-conned it in).
  14. jcm055

    Hidden Voices

    Ok, so someone who's done the Maxis EE, which quotes have we not heard in his side of the ToB? I've yet to do either side.
  15. jcm055

    Please stop

    You know, I can't say for sure if this guy's legit or not, but Dan you have made a lot of interesting thought happen. Thanks.
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