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  1. Why would they apologize for the best of the zombies games and story? Doppleganger, I agree with you about the slide mechanic, it would negate all the trying elements of the BO1 maps. While an updated graphics version of some favorites would be nice, they wouldn't be the same. Then again, I'm biased towards BO1 and WaW lol, I started on the latter and really fell into the lore of the former...and BO2 zombies really lost me, so I just follow the story vicariously through codz and youtubers.
  2. I can confirm the knifing one. It was the first one I got since I haven't played much but it happened the other day as I was knifing some zombies to death around round 4 or 5. Only noticeable difference is it seemed to knife faster
  3. You guys all make me feel so old! Here's about the only decent pic of me from the year, myself and my wife at Scarborough Renaissance Faire. In my natural habitat And one last one, not so much my face but my main hobby.
  4. I don't see how it's the 80's, it seems clear to me it's in the 60's, I can't say a specific year, but with BO being in the 60's, Moon's NML appearing to be in the 60's as well (banner hanging), the plates on the bus say '60 and the 60's era vehicles at Green Run. There's just never been any question in my mind it's in the 60's. I think it's only shortly after the events of Moon and Nuketown, as when you get your first drop, Rich hacks up a lung and says "Sorry, just getting used to the aether" like he hasn't been there long. Maxis's quote about trying for years would still apply as he's been gone since the mid 40's. Sorry to go off topic. Back OT, Nacht does confuse me a bit as well. The bus driver always mentions Greenbriar Resort (a famous bunker location) when passing the cornfield when I play, so I assume he's alluding the the bunker that is Nacht. The fact the guide calls it the "Prototype" could signify to me that the US has recreated a prototype of the first encounter by US Forces of Nazi Zombies. I was always under the impression when playing the original WaW NDU that it was actually IN Germany. I can't recall the text at the beginning about it, but it was heavily implied. Now 3arc could've ret-conned NDU into the storyline at Green Run, since there didn't seem to be any story line really developing until SNN, or some say Verruckt (again I think they just ret-conned it in).
  5. I don't think the new part is the Maxis quote about the 2 vertices of the scalene and tertiary node, but the following quote "You have done well, now activate the spire's power...are you circumcised? Oh hold on, *garbled*" What this means (to me anywho) is that powering two of the lamp posts triggers the first quote, but they've triggered a third quote by figuring out which three are necessary. Tertiary clearly means third, and the 2 vertices are the 2 lamp posts, while the third is another. Node makes sense to be the lamps IMHO because it may be powering something here.
  6. It looks like 4 small beams to me.

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