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  1. Stumbled upon this video not too long ago and it was really intriguing. I understood most of the storyline before hand but this video displays it nicely and also mentioned some things i've never realized! I recommend you to check it out if you have not seen it already! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eccvQvPApHY ALL credits to RADAUSTINS27, this is his video, not mine.
  2. It's not really the graphics and mechanics that i care about. I want the old school, scary, gory maps that we used to get
  3. I guess i just liked the older theme to it. I'd rather slay Nazis in an abandoned swamp with an MP-40 then kill zombies in hospital clothes at some bus station. Just my opinion, i like the more old school, dark, gory side of zombies that world at war had. Things like the random screams of terror you'd hear in Verrukt , that just simply aren't there anymore. It just added more to the atmosphere
  4. So I doubt i'm alone here when i say this... Does anyone else miss the old World At War Zombies? I mean when there was more focus on the killing of zombies then the easter egg. I feel like Treyarch is putting more effort into the easter egg rather than the gameplay itself. I miss coming home from a long day at school and destroying undead nazis with awesome weapons while rocking out to elena siegman in the background. It just felt.... right and i haven't felt this on black ops 1 or 2.
  5. anyone try and use this to get on the trains?
  6. Personally, I think Maxis has good intentions. If you listen to the WaW radios on Der Reise, Maxis isn't trying to create Zombies... They were created accidentally when testing the teleporters. Richtofen saw the possibility for an undead army and locked Maxis and Samantha in the chamber where he intended to kill them. Because of this, I feel Maxis is trying to stop the Zombies, and more importantly, Richtofen.
  7. gun primary: Porters X2 Raygun(Upgraded Raygun) attachment: None gun secondary: Rocket Propelled Grevience(Upgraded RPG) attachment: None grenade primary: Semtex grenade secondary: monkeys equipment: zombie shield perks: Juggernog, Staminup, Speed Cola & Double Tap/Quick Revive (Single/Multiplayer) knife: galvaknuckels
  8. I like the sound of that! I think we need more maps with an industrial feel to them, and chicago is percect
  9. Lets take a break from all this Easter Egg business and get creative!! Every Zombies player has fantasized about designing their own custom map! So, if YOU could design the next DLC Zombies map, what would it be? Include the following: The words in brackets are just used as examples, not guidelines) -Setting (Factory, house, farm) -Time period (1940,2012) -Country (Germany, Russia, America) -Playable Characters (Original 4, Green Run gang) -Special additions (Lunar landers, zip-line, launch-able rocket) -Special "Boss" (Dogs, Avogadro, space monkeys)
  10. Has anyone thought that the rockets launched from Moon might have been full of element 115? Assuming the rockets were sent to different areas of the earth, this could explain how mass amounts of people were turned into zombies.
  11. Name: VLCNO 417FSD A "Flamethrower" of sorts. It blows fire so hot that it makes the zombies glow red and explode in a matter of seconds. it will use small canisters of fuel to operate. 1 canister will allow the weapon to fire for 4 seconds straight (can be used in smaller bursts). You will start with 1 canister in the gun along with 8 extra. UPGRADED: Name: The RichtoFlame 935-FT The flamethrower aspect will be the same as before , with higher damage and a purple fire instead of red. Each canister of fuel lasts for 10 seconds as opposed to 4. There is also a Napalm Cannon
  12. The whole "rockets filled with 115" thing does make sense along with "115 being orange". Almost all of the Green Run map is covered by a reddish orange fog , which would come if a rocket full of 115 exploded
  13. As most of you know, the building from the map "Nacht Der Untoten" is hidden in the corn maze that you encounter in the TranZit game mode. If we look back at all of the previous Zombie maps, they all tie in to the "Storyline" in one way or another. All of them except for Nacht. People argue that Verrukt has no significance in the story, which is completely false. Verukkt is the original testing site for Element 115 before it was over run and the project was moved to Der Riese. I highly doubt Treyarch would include a map that has no significance to this epic adventure we are currently on.
  14. The mention of all these "Military" like bases further leads me to believe that Green Run, is in fact, a military base. This could also be why we have the inclusion of NDU in the cornfield. Perhaps it was used by the US military as a way to test how 4 memory wiped marines would manage surviving an attack from "Zombies". This also explains why we do not know the identities of the 4 marines in the original NDU map as it is also a perfect way for 3arc to tie NDU into the story. Back to the military base part. I believe that Green Run is a military base, and the Bus is simply a transportation serv
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