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  1. Official Buried Cutscene http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=8SqZ1TGFc04 I wanted to get an analysis started on what we have learned from this Cutscene. For example We've seen that Misty an Marlon were picked up at the town. Stu and Russ were on the Tranzit bus that picked them up. Russ is constantly forgetting thing, etc. Why have you guys seen.
  2. Hey guys, if you remember from the original trailer of Mob of the Dead there was a quick flash of a room with a Teddy Bear in it. I cannot remember the name of the room and I am new to this so I do not know how to upload pictures of it. I was wondering if anyone has found any connection to the room and Mob of the Dead...or is it just an Easter Egg for no reason. That just doesn't seem right to me. So is there any connection to that room?
  3. So I think you went down when you touched the electric door. Try recreating the scenario. Go to the Warden's office and get downed by backing into the door. Then while in afterlife try it again. If that works it would explain why you got downed in afterlife. Other than that I'm sure it was a glitch. The reducing money and weapons was strange though. It's obviously no intentional because you lose the pistol too. It might be a glitch that was missed or someone working on it was like. "Naw, no one is going to find this, I'll just skip it."
  4. I was hoping that any of you guys might have tips on building the plane in Co-op. It seems harder to me to do in Co-op. I've done making the rounds, gg bridge, etc. all on solo but it seems I can never conplete that in Co-op. I go for prison clothes first, wardens room second, rope third, air tank fourth, and engine fifth. But in Solo it's and easy run to pick those up. In Co-op you have to keep going back an fourth.
  5. What do the regular skull tables do? I'm surprised this hasn't been looked into or anything. The table with candles and a skull. What are they used for? I'm sure they don't all point towards a blue skull or anything. Any ideas?
  6. I'm surprised no one has talked about this yet. The ending music to Mob of the Dead. Do any of you guys have any clues to what it would go for. There aren't any huge clues like in Die Rise when there was a prison door slam. Do you think that could be new music to the next map or its just irrelevant to the whole idea they had with Die Rise and BO1 zombies. They didn't have any clues to Die Rise when Tanzit was out. What do you guys think?
  7. Hey guys, I'm new to the COD Forums so if this has been said or it might be the dumbest thing you've seen on here I'm sorry. Ha ha, anyway. I found a very useful tip for using getting the achievements in MOTD. I was doing all the achievements on my account (Sorry I'm an achievement hoarder.)and I went through on solo on original local game and I got the achievements easy as that. Then I went to my friends house to help him with his and he started the game on easy difficulty. I though I might as well test if this would work. I went through and I can confirm that you can get the achievements using easy difficulty. I am directing this towards beginner zombies enthusiasts. Personally I like to do original because I don't find much fun in easy. I just wanted to say you can complete most of the story line in easy difficulty.
  8. Hi guys I don't post too much on here to if I have done something wrong I'm sorry, but anyway. I was completing Making the Rounds on solo using local and I could grab all the plane parts. Then I tried to do the same thing for my friend but it was on custom games and I could only grab one part at a time. Is the reason for this because anyone can join into the game? Thanks.
  9. That not a bad theory. It sums up a good reason. Great find!
  10. There is one in the **** please report this topic, post **** behind the barrier in the back to the left
  11. Thank you, that's a shame you have to gamble your way into getting them.
  12. I will join my gamertag is xP Abstract.
  13. I was wondering if in Tower of Babel on Maxis's side we had to use emps. Can we use Galvaknuckles it just knife him a bunch under the Pylon? Please help. Thanks.
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