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  1. This whole thread isn't needed and most of it doesn't make sense
  2. And I quoted his idea, and I'm sure he won't mind me doing that eh? Just thought the idea of having random perk drops linked to his idea of random PaP'd weapons
  3. I wanted to start a new thread because it is a different idea? Posting it in the same thread and hoping for a good reply isn't what i wanted to do..
  4. i saw a post by a guy who mentioned getting pack-a-punched weapons out of the box with an insanely rare chance of it happening.. it got me thinking, would random perk drops be a good idea? like ridiculously rare.. but still available? i think so
  5. i think this is a very good idea but have a 1 in 100 chance of spinning it for an upgraded gun. (not including porters x2 ray gun or mustang and sally or other wunderweapons) because i rarely use the box anymore.. just grab mp5 and im set, but the box giving me upgraded weapons would make me want to use it a lot more than i do. but all round i think this is a freaking amazing idea
  6. I really like the concept, no, I LOVE the concept.. But I think that things like perks don't need to be messed with? If there ever is a need for a specific thin/.. Add a new perk machine.. But if this was put into the game with a small amount of tweaking it would make zombies games better longer and more awesome!
  7. Every map has had its own unique wonder weapon. From thunder gun to the jet gun.. But what would you like to see as a new wonder weapon? I personally would want to see a fire gun similar to the winters howl from black ops 1 map five, but shoots fire instead of ice?
  8. A lot of people have been speculating over what and where the new zombie map will be only by judging a few screenshots and a picture.. What I found interesting was the actual meaning of revolution, this is the meaning I found for it; "A forcible overthrow of a government or social order for a new system." This leads me to believe that there will be a big change that occurs in this dlc either by one of the charectors dying or that someone else will get in control of the zombies and there will be a "new system" Thanks for reading, I'd like to hear what you guys think on my theories or what you think a revolution in zombies will mean. :)
  9. it would make a lot more sense if the charectors that we are playing with now stayed around for at least 2 more dlc's, only for story purposes, but i would like to have the original 4 involved in the next dlc and the next EE.. possibly in the same style as call of the dead where we help them complete tasks to get them out of an awkward situation. but then again the ending to the EE on moon leaves questions to be asked such as what next for the original 4? stranded on the moon with earth blown up in front of their eyes. where do they go next? Has anybody got anything on the whereabouts of the original 4 or what they are doing at the time in green run?
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_gGJl-Y ... vA&index=3 what do you guys think? end game in TranZit? or just misinterpreted information?
  11. i personally think that there will be a new changing group of survivors for the next dlc's because if you have been following the story behind the black ops 2 zombies it seems there is a lot of groups of people surviving and activating power all over the world.. so playing as new people for 3 dlc's and then in the final dlc playing as the original 4? sounds good to me? what do you guys think?
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