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  1. the map in my opinion is the most scariest is acension, hear me out. first of all its night time which adds tension anyway. secondly the voice at he start, yuris is frickin creepy! thirdly the fact that the rocket is there makes me think there are cosmonauts in the rocket all the time that its there! fourth the little girl shadow at spawn point that looks like samantha x_x fifth it creeps me out is the fact that yuri is constantly in the map stuck i believe in the floor. next is that somehow samantha went to ascension and trapped yuri and his freind. how when she was trapped? another thing is that when i was doing the easter egg with my mates i stood near the door that opens to pack a punch and i could hear really loud screaming and roaring and no-one else can hear it and the door opposite the pack a punch door that is closed its coming from there so my theory is that it was the big ass money cosmonaut and i thought it was gunna jump out but what makes it scarier is that it didnt jump out so i can never no who or what it was and never will again something else is that near the generator the slight roaring its frickin scary man the map kreeps me out!
  2. I have a theory that they didn't no what they were talking about when making the lines as richtofen also says he is trying to work out the real goals of group 935 as he already new because he was in 935? or maybe there's more to be unearthed....
  3. oh thats what he meant by ds lol i never new it existsed
  4. yes, i agree i mean like being able to 'copy' gears of war 3 buying barricades would be cool however it wouldnt be zombies with barricades blocking zombies out i rather like the constant fleeing or fending dont worry 3arch whatever you do im sure you wont diasappoint anyway if they do let us down weve still get epic maps of black ops!
  5. i wish they left winters howl and shrink ray out also the shitty zombie turn human gun as all these dont equal up to the badass others like thundergun and ray gun
  6. agree a lock down would be good like on ascension where ph flopper is barricades and fending of loads of hordes
  7. I guess but we can al hope hey haha i would go through all my zombies rounds but to be honest i dont no my all my rounds i only no my record one which is 53 kino der toten and on ascension round 32 with 4 players its easier on your own but boring
  8. maybe its not a map but anyway at least the box is returning and thanks ;)
  9. haha i finally found somewhere to post haha. my best theory is that the girl in black ops 2 poster is Samantha, somehow. but its good to see a girl male character thats gunna be a main story element apart from buffy. also the in the trailer theres a point in which the mystery box light can be seen in the background, the map looks huge when you pause it. i cant wait to see what story elements and perks and outrageous perks they have in store
  10. Hi im new to the site from about a minute ago. Zombies is my Favorited type of game mode in gaming and i have many theories and past theories about the upcoming black ops 2 and black ops + WaW. But for now i want to see all other peoples theories and ideas and see if we all think the same or differant things. go! BTW: my gamer tag is CovKidCookie add me but leave a message, all zombie achievements complete Kino-der toten is my Favorited map it has my highest round, round 53 which took me 8 hours and my Favorited gun is zeuscannon/thundergun! Doz (destroyer of zombies)
  11. i have a few quick questions for our fellow zomie killers 1:what was your first reaction when you started playing zombies?mine was it rocked! 2:and how many people even new about zombies ds? i had no idea at first. 3:when waw came out how many bought it for zombies or the game it self.i havnt bought it yet. 4:how many people think new people would be fun or keep originals?id keep originals. 1. I was like this is pretty crap and i was like wtf is this why did some add this its crap however when competitive play new maps characters and STORY 2.Whats DS? 3.neither have i i got orignal maps on on black ops 4.bit of both
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