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  1. Okay. I'm getting quite a bit frustrated, and I don't like it. All I'm hearing about is TOMBSTONE! TOMBSTONE! TOMBSTONE! What about that other perk? I'm going to admit that I watched some leaked gameplay, and I saw someone with that perk. So I know it's there, I just don't know where. And for some mysterious reason, no one has any incentive to post anything about it, so I'm going to do the dirty work and ask for myself. Does ANYONE have ANY information about this new perk, THAT ISN'T TOMBSTONE. Prease and thankyou.
  2. But I had decided that it's better late than never! My name is Cameron, (I prefer Cam) but everyone who has ever met me over the internet has called me VG. It's nice to meet you all, I'm sure I'll have an awesome time on the forums, and I can't wait for Black Ops 2 ZOMBIES! -Cam
  3. Thanks for helping me embed the video, and thanks for your feed back!
  4. As soon as we hear her say "FREAK BAGS", we'll know. ;)
  5. Well let's see. I'm going to take a shot in the dark, and say Tank, is at least 25, during the events of Moon. Now that means his daughter, or son was born when he was 21. So, let's take the events of Der Riese (1945) as the starting point, as I assume that when Tank had made that quote on Moon, he hadn't accounted for the time travel. SO. She/He was 5 at that point, and by the time that Kino Der Toten(1968) had rolled around, she/he would be about... 23. Right at about the age of Tank at that time. She could have waited until she was about 30 something to have a daughter. Let's say 35. By the
  6. Well, like I said, it could be his grand-daughter. And with the sound of her voice aside, we don't really know how old she is. Now I'm not saying she could be 80. That's ridiculous. She could be in her 30s, or older. There are some younger looking women out there.
  7. *EDIT* I have just realized, as I posted this, that this might need to go into the Asylum section, but when I made it, I didn't feel like it was hard core enough to go in there, but what do I know? So I looked at cjdog23's video for Dempsey's quotes. I noticed, At 18:57 Dempsey says, "I'm gonna to buy one of these for my 5 year old once this shit's over." eRZvoWTjvPs Thanks to MurderMachineX for helping me embed this video! Now, bear with me. It might be entirely possible that the girl from the poster is actually Dempsey's daughter, or his grand-daughter (Geez... the group
  8. Okay. Since Call of the Dead takes place in the future further than any other map currently created, and I assume they continue the story from Black Ops zombies, and since Moon was the end of Earth, the Crew must go BACK in time and prevent the rockets from propelling into Earth, somehow. Maybe they blow up the Moon? :shock: Speculation is in the air. And I assume you're already going to say something about the girl with the shotgun. My answer to that is maybe it's Richtofen out of the Aether some how. The crew may have figured out how to swap their souls again. Another farfetched reason, is
  9. My copy started to do the same thing yours did. Chrome upgraded camo and no sniper overlay. On moon. Then my disk broke and I had to get a new one. It's nothing special.
  10. Okay. So I had this idea. Call of the Dead is supposed to be set in the future, right? Well, how is that possible, if the Earth was blown up in the past? I know it's not very elaborated or well thought out, but I want to know your thoughts and opinions on it.
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