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  1. i was surprised when they siad new and bigger worlds so i kinda agree with your theory
  2. Actually..... lol i think u did illuminati and im not sure who said rictofen could probably walk in sams body your becuase sam never did herself but the fact the pyrmaid is now open suggests rictofewn might be able to just walk out however it was never open for sma to walk out again however the fact she stayed in pyramid when it was open until swapping into rictofens body and rictofen never leaving the pyramid once in their also suggests you cant phyically leave the pyramid. if rictofen did leave the pyramid thenhe would probably lose control of the zombies
  3. glad we a are not on mars, sounds boring! thanks for claring it up!
  4. Doz


    very intresting guys keep it up
  5. Name: Sams decapitator What is it?: it fires disks that boomerang around the area and take of the heads of a the 24 zombies (max on map at time or 48 for BO2) PaP'd name: SD3 what it does PaP'd: 1 in 4 disks return to gun, and can be changed to a 'distraction' , fired up and flys around room making zombies chase it then about 10 seconds in decapitates all zombies heads Ammon: sams decapitator: 12 plus 2 in use then PaP'd 24 plus 4 in use how it was made: sams first invention to orignally take off rictofens arms and legs and other limbs however when placed in rictofens body she use
  6. i no called of the dead was in the future but thats becuase we skipped in time to the future so maybe think like this we change the past by blowing up the earth becuase otherwise cotd wudnt have existed... so we changed the past to alter the future........... Now here comes a theory i just thought of right now, since the characters can time travel with no ageing affect maybe just maybe we teleport thousnads of years in time to a post apoclyptic earth whcih is now made up of peices of earth mashed together, hmm all seem certain right now zombies is gunna rule another thing people are
  7. Doz


    i have to say i toatally disagree with the mars theory it seems pretty boring and similar to moon. my personal theory i dreamt up was that: the pyrmaid is still open so it would be the same exchange between rictofen to sam to sam to rictofen because all you do is the second half of the easter egg again, however my other thought include using the teleporter to go back in time and kill rictofen or the teleporter takes us back in time to differant locations to unearth more secrets. all we no is right now is that their is a girl character so: they either have left the storyline and finished that o
  8. Thats what i was thinking?? what do you mean illuminati?
  9. The guy who said teleporters are time machines what a great shout out i totally forgot about the big ass one on moon so we have rictofen in control but if we turn back in time he has control of every zombie, but that leaves two questions 1.if they do back in time would evrething go back in time like rictofen into his body again and two was the destroying earth easter egg al for nothing? the i see it is that we use the teleporter to escape rictofen on the moon to go back in time or to a differant location and he is still in control of zombies, and that samantha has the abilty to swap bodi
  10. the map in my opinion is the most scariest is acension, hear me out. first of all its night time which adds tension anyway. secondly the voice at he start, yuris is frickin creepy! thirdly the fact that the rocket is there makes me think there are cosmonauts in the rocket all the time that its there! fourth the little girl shadow at spawn point that looks like samantha x_x fifth it creeps me out is the fact that yuri is constantly in the map stuck i believe in the floor. next is that somehow samantha went to ascension and trapped yuri and his freind. how when she was trapped? another thing is
  11. I have a theory that they didn't no what they were talking about when making the lines as richtofen also says he is trying to work out the real goals of group 935 as he already new because he was in 935? or maybe there's more to be unearthed....
  12. oh thats what he meant by ds lol i never new it existsed
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