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  1. i hate people who talk to damn much, then get mad at me for turning off my mic. also people who open up the wrong doors ruining my train. i also hate my faggoty ass sig
  2. spawn room is a the easiest place to run a rape train. plenty of space for you to juke.
  3. some random showed me this earlier
  4. texting, ill dead stop whatever im doing and reach for my phone if the right female hits my inbox
  5. in later rounds i feel its best to spread out, 2 people by the cat walk, one person in the beginning and one in the thompson room works best to me
  6. i been reported plenty of times, never got a message though, i always get reported if i beat someone to bad in 2k
  7. i cant get past 40 in co op without the zombie spawn error. i made it to like 30 something in single player before i got bored.
  8. Anyone good with photoshop? i need a favor, i need someone to design a dvd cover for me...

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