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  1. Has anyone tried looking on the bridge before the bus breaks it?
  2. Ok so possible zombie mape locations The map- new jersey streets- mode 8 player- map unkown trailer map- old desert facility- mode campaine- map firing range nuketown map- testing facility- original 4- nuketown from what information that has been gathered all of this equals original fun for all Hope this sounds correct for everyone :D
  3. Well here comes ratchet and clank collection 8/28/12 and assassins creed 3 10/30/12
  4. Go ahead and take it down bro theres nothing else to discuss you guys win and i lost. Infact theres almost nothing on this site right now to talk about since almost every detail about black ops 2 given to us has been explored to the maxium.
  5. How do you take down a topic because this article was taken the completely the wrong way, just forget about it, go on this wasnt made to hate thats what you guys turned it to just remember that. And one other thing these re posts weren't "a i don't think that is a good idea responses" or i don't agree but i see where your coming from these were flaming posts, and name calling, calling me whininy just because im more excited than a few of you, and acting all cool and chill saying you don't care. If you don't like the topic or post then leave get out because if all you have to say is negative i don't want to hear, nobody said you had to post just to shoot me down. and for the few people that didn't Hey man, I am sure they are doing their best to give us something that is stable and amazing at the same time. Also they have already announced their date, everything else you see now is just part of marketing. I have faith in 3arc. Thanks i appriciate it alot. This will probly be my last post on this topic since it was a complete fail which nobody saw the true point of. So peace and if anyone wants to take it down please take it down i don't care about it any more.
  6. Thats not what im saying at all, they've kept this intire zombies thing a secret which is good but they need to release another photo or something to get the fans back into it or something because all the hype lets face it has died down, theres nothing to discuss or even ponder at.... and like i said im not trying to be whiniy nor do you have the right to call me that since this is probly the only post you have seen me make, don't make opinions about me before you have any information. I don't like people making assumptions about stuff. And im not peeking at the present i just want a little tease
  7. What im saying is that treyarch should stop giving us these ******* tweets that have nothing to do with zombies to themselves because thats all there is now are fake or unsolved tweets to keep us interested and its getting pathetic
  8. Well i know, well hope, im not the only zombie fan out there that feels alittle betrayed over all of this multiplayer trailers and videos without any hint or spec of zombies to be seen. Even though the new videos do give me hope of breaking that boring and stale version of multiplayer i want some zombie footage even if its just a evil laugh of mockery......Treyarch please give your loyal fans something, its one thing to keep a secret, but with all these tweets if pretty cruel. Like a little kid with a secret you let us have a little peace after bragging and bragging, then you start the bragging again saying "its amazing.........too bad im not aloud too say" its like a sucker punch to the go-nads. I don't mean to sound like a jerk but theres atleast a few people on this site that will agree it has gone to far, too many tweets, too many lies, too many side quests and back tracking other maps they need to throw us a bone, because they're beating a dead horse. On a side note i was very impressed with multiplayer and i'm happy they've gone in a new direction, the pick 10 idea is impressive and not having kill power killstreaks but points and team building truly magical, that deserves brains [brains] But a snack only lasts so long before more is demanded to be sacrificed, the multipeople got what they wanted now its our turn, infact why did they get almost everything given to them, they are like the spoiled little brothers of call of duty, nothing but drunks and swearing pieces of trash, talking trash working solo and getting kills.............Only a 526 matches........ not everybody in multi is like that but you don't see and entire site dedicated to that mode. This site has remainded classy and respectable and even online theres less-ish trash talking because it takes everyone to win. This is slight rage but i am really still a hardcore fan of zombies so i can wait, but i thought i would post this changing it up from dead leads and map ideas, i know there will be nay sayers and other members giving good advice and uplifting posts but i really thought this needed to be said. Can't wait for zombies and im sure you guys feel the same my warmest regards and good wishs Humble Soldier "P LE A S E G I V E U S A P R E S E N T"
  9. Si, hablo un poco español. Estoy bien, y tu? I hate it when we do this. Estoy bien, gracias y porque no te gustas?
  10. Well i don't think it will return but there always a chance with treyarch. You really need to change the name of the title because it can become confusing for some of the other members like myself thinking something new has been released Or please add some more information to your post, a blank question like this will not get that many answers if you don't add a theory in here somewhere :?: Anyway hope this helps
  11. On a side note JFK's assassination takes place right after the date of the zombie attack so mabye he learns something hes not supposed too, because in the terminal in the menu.... email it says that this is his last chance..... so somebody was threating him lol side note I didn't like that last post i put so i offically say im sorry and thank you kill all monkeys for vouching for me
  12. Im pretty sure the first map will not be in paris because this one guy on youtube has linked all the photos of the bridge, the diner, and the church, and they all reside in a local town in new jersey. so im pretty sure that the map that they have shown involves 8 players All different characters and takes place on earth after the missile lauch Now i think the first map for are original characters will take place in paris.. so in recap the pictures are for the new 8 player map and paris is reserved for the original crew.
  13. Ahhh hablas espanish kill all monkeys? muy bien hablo espanish tambien. Como estas hoy?
  14. I think they wanted to do paris but i think shrangri-la made that impossible, now if they would've made paris instead of shangri-la we would have had it. but for some reason they wanted us to go to mars before the moon........??????? :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :!: :!: :!: :!:
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