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  1. I think the actual concept of the Manhattan Project(bombings and stuff related to that)might have a connection to the v/n=k formula. Because in Richtofen's Grand Scheme, there are missiles filled with a certain gas launched to Earth. One of them certainly hit the USA. So yeah, that is where our Zombies storyline in BO2 might start from, right after the Moon easter egg.
  2. Ooooooh, I get it now. It's a really good theory and considering that we 'might' get a zombie map in the USA, this all here makes a lot of sense.
  3. See what I did there? Think before you post.
  4. This is the exact same response I got when I also brought up Charlene in relation to zombies once. I don't know why people are denying it that there might be a connection. Remember in BO1 when there was Mustang and Sally written on the pistols on the cover? We then discovered that those were the PaP'd versions of the dual wield M1911 pistols.
  5. So I just watched a new video by Tmart, regarding new BO2 information(pretty much the only videos I watch on his channel) and at the end of the video this happened. I think that this is a sound from Zombies and might be the new sound that plays when you complete a round OR when you turn on the power on a certain map? What do you people think?
  6. Remember when the first BO2 leaks started pouring in? We had this image here: At first, we thought it was a photoshopped image of MW3 on the map Downturn, which takes place in a heavily destroyed version of Wall Street. But then we had this image here, which came straight from a video released by Treyarch If we take into consideration that CotD is in the same place as Discovery(BO multiplayer map) and that Ascension takes place in the same place as Launch(and Kino in Berlin if I'm not mistaken), then we could assume that one of the Zombie maps in BO2 could take place in a post-war/destroyed city in the United States, because that's going to be a multiplayer map for BO2. Which is why I think that this image could be real
  7. But the story of Faust doesn't apply to Sam and Richtofen.
  8. Ehm...DLC? It's pretty obvious that we're getting map packs, this game I bet that there will be at least one map pack dedicated to zombies only again.
  9. I just hope it's going to be some kind of CG intro scene for the newest map. That would be awesome.
  10. It wouldn't be fair in the classic survival mode since you would join the game and then get the reward for being on Round 53 for example, without having been part of the team for the past 52 rounds. People could basically boost their records with this. And making the records for the high rounds not count is also a dumb idea imo. So yeah, Join-In-Progress should only be possible for the 4v4 mode since it doesn't matter in that mode when you join, unless it's also a mode that involes gathering points from zombies in order to get better weapons to kill the enemy team(that actually doesn't sound too bad).
  11. The experience you have on all zombie maps in BO1, is pretty much a campaign. But you don't get stuff thrown at you, instead you have to find the truth by completing easter eggs, solving riddles/puzzles and finding and investigating clues.
  12. Just like the wallpaper that has the Kino der Toten textures, the Castro pics are just placeholders. It's super obvious and was pointed out in another topic already.
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