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  1. So looks like LonelyMailbox caught onto this idea as well. Here's the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_AgGglN ... el&list=UL And he credited this forum post in the video's description which is cool!
  2. I know what you mean, it's one thing building up hype, but it's another causing frustration with too much teasing no revealing! :evil:
  3. I think with the way treyarch are in being so sneaky that they've thrown us a curve ball in all this, with not even a glimpse of zombies in this multiplayer trailer, making us think that there won't be a zombies reveal soon but I think there will be! I hope anyway :lol:
  4. Okay the multiplayer reveal trailer came out not too long ago and if you haven't seen it then check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dre21lBu ... ature=plcp Now, for those that have seen it, you'll know that there wasn't any zombie reveal or even a glimpse of zombies in that trailer... bummer I know, but I think I might be onto something so hear me out. Do you remember this? Hmm yes that screenshot that shows the trailer they were hinting at is 2 minutes 46 seconds long. Check the new multiplayer trailer... that's right it's only 2 minutes 17 seconds I personally think (b
  5. I'm led to believe that he's talking about gamescom.
  6. Either Bloodlines or thunderhorse. Probably Bloodlines! :twisted:
  7. Currently I'm listening the exact same live version of this but on spotify: xccC0wKpHh4 And then this. ZlA4QXp7hRM Hell Yeah \m/ 8-)
  8. BTW Ibanez, I have an Ibanez guitar! lol It's an Ibanez RG 170-DX in cherry red Ooo... and a line 6 spider III amp.
  9. I thought I'd join in here thanks to a recommendation from Tankeo! Alestorm are pretty badass, awesome patriotic metal! (Kinda biased coming from me tho as a Brit!) In response to Tank's vocals questionnaire, I like singing, growling and screaming. Pig squeals are kind of okay until they are used too much (*cough* deathcore *cough*) I honestly haven't heard of gutterals But what about sing-screaming? Example is pretty much a lot of In Flames songs, Anders' unique vocal style! I should have probably introduced my taste in metal and what I like: GOOD metal-core (As I Lay Dying, All
  10. Sorry if I sound dumb, but what's OHMT? Also If they brought back dead ops arcade then I wouldn't mind some dance music or something cause it would fit that! Melodic Death metal I do really like tho! Children of Bodom are one of my favourite bands! Wait I think I figured out what OHMT stands for. Original Heavy Metal Topic? I hope I'm correct, just tried putting 2 and 2 together :lol:
  11. Interesting, you can't see the moon now. THIS MUST MEAN TREYARCH ARE HIDING SOMETHING!! Maybe they're making a new map on the moon or something? In seriousness, I wouldn't bother looking into this, as far as I can see there's no real significance it's just a change. Nevertheless, good find tho.
  12. I agree, like I said in my rant I guess, I was just trying to explain cause it just kind of annoys me when I see/hear metal heads hating on metalcore for not being heavy but they only see one side of it. Apart from that, I should have explained that I don't hate dubstep nor do I truly like it. It makes good dance music and that's where it should stay, just saying that it doesn't quite fit to theme zombies, but if you want to listen to it whilst you play then by all means do it Hell I've listened to HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA whilst playing just for fun :lol:
  13. The problem we have here is you remind me of my friend who's into death and black metal. The problem being that death metal fans cause more arguments than other metal heads because they want all metal to be so heavy to the point of it sounding stupidly ridiculous. I think you just need to realise that there is two different types of metalcore: the original metalcore which is still good, and todays freakin' 2011-2012 black veil brides bullshit. It is the latter which I believe all you death metal guys seem to always refer to. The good kind i would like to note are the bands that actually stick
  14. Cheers guys, I look forward to helping you guys and myself dig deeper into the story!
  15. Hey guys, Hellish here! I saw these forums as a perfect source for me and to share all things CoD ZOMBIES! [brains] I'm not really a fan of the multiplayer in CoD, but I love the zombies! (And the campaign) My favourite part of nazi zombies (apart from the killing obviously ) is the story behind it all. I think treyarch did a great job and is why I prefer their games as opposed to IW's. One thing that is important with the deep story behind zombies is it's easter eggs in game... I think of myself as quite the easter egg hunter! And that's why I'm here, you can't hunt down those easter
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