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  1. This is just an addition to a wonder weapon. Why not have the gun collect a drop when you shoot at it with the gun? There has always been that moment with the nuke/instakill/max ammo, we can all relate.
  2. I believe that Richtofen was experimenting on the 3 (NIk, tak and tank but he killed the mexican guy). He said they were the successful test subjects. Also on a radio found in der riese near the type 100 I quote "Damnit, I can't find my pills". Hopefully these pills have an anti radioactive effect.
  3. I would absolutely love it if this is true since I live in a town near Sheppey! Hopefully I could take a picture of sheppey from the beach and post it here?
  4. If you look at it; all the makers of the weapons are going to be dead. 935 is in ruins and the only person capable of making another wonder weapon is Richtofen or someone else in group 935; both are unlikely and in the end they are just gonna introduce on and say made this. Maxis-Stuck inside the computer/terminal. Richtofen-Switched souls with Sam. Sophia-Likely to be dead. Peter-Dead (hanging man in Shi no). H.Porter-Possibly dead or alive. Harvey Yena-Possibly dead or alive. Schuster-Probably dead due to Maxis' last words. Groph-Probably dead to the reason above^^
  5. How about something like the gerch device but instead when it hits the ground it will shoot 6 flames that completely circle it in a firey circle going round clock wise and maybe a tac gren that explodes as you throw it but it just keeps going then bangs once it hits the floor. Ah screw it. I just want a molotov.
  6. I have 2 middle names as well so not so uncommon after all. I think Maxis was trying to protect Samantha closely because her Mother AKA wife died and Samantha was the only person he cared for. Unless you count that lady whom he fell in love with and made Richtofen doubt him. I think the person you are talking about is his assistant, Sophia, at Der Riese. Yeah her, it went blank from my mind; too many perk-a-colas.
  7. Gonna stop you there, 935 were a research group made for improving the human condition not making weapons and stuff.
  8. Quotes from buying guns could be implemented and other stuff like not being reloaded with a max ammo. "MAX AMMO!" Demp"Fucking hell! I didn't reload, why did you get it!?" ---------- *Nikolai buys the crappier gun off the wall on round 1* Demp"Yo, Nik; why did you buy that off the wall? We can all agree that the *insert better gun here* is way better"
  9. I'm talking about the theory that the MPD (Pyramid) has enabled them to understand teleportation through the aether with Richtofen and it is like the real world; you can walk from one place to another, they are all connected. (Simple: MPD controls Aether blah blah blah aether blah another dimension blah).
  10. I made a thread a while back about the MPD sending it's power up into the teleporter above it. We know that the MPD links all the teleporters together so why can you not make the transfer next to a teleporter?
  11. How is that extra perk perk supposed to work? It is useless. You buy the perk using one perk slot and it increases it by one. It is basically canceling itself out.
  12. Easy, since Richtofen betrayed Maxis by locking him and his daughter in a teleporter test chamber with fluffy that had recently been turned into a hellhound. Maxis sends both his daughter and him into the teleporter and she ends up in the MPD. Richtofen saw what happened but didn't know where she went.
  13. Hahahahaha. You and your post and sig made my day! I like the theory.
  14. Well if we could travel back in time that would be very bad considering humanity today and the effects would be disastrous; but that is impossible. If we could go into the future then we lots of people would travel to the future that might have disastrous effects to it. Who knows, we could have been on Earth billions of years ago and then used time travel because the Earth had lost it's resources and we needed nature to recover. Also back to the plot, would it possible that the teleporter will once again save the day?
  15. I think it is just manipulation of elements; I mean the MPD is not of Human creation and we technically didn't reanimate the zombies on purpose. But we did create teleportation and time travel by accident. In all respect I would hope Humanity will never discover time machines.

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