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  1. "All the other easter eggs"?! "ALL THE OTHER EASTER EGGS"?!! Omg, you have made my day. I do not want to start an argument. I was just about to post a friendly good luck message to you, despite our differences of opinions. But you have really excelled yourself. Your idea is brilliant, no matter what the outcome. Flawed like the others, yes, but imaginative. All the other easter eggs were worked out in less than a week. Weeks later people were still spouting on about theories regarding the PPSH, etc. So please.. but good luck with your search.
  2. "xRaymau5x" has supposedly just made an account to post his theory which just so happens to be the correct one. In my opinion this is just BirdDog dan tying up loose ends. He has had a lot of fun. Blackfire, stop embrassing yourself. Your ideas are very imaginative and I respect that, and good luck with trying to find out if this theory is correct.
  3. This thing is over. I am not trying to bitch about anyone whatsoever. My opinion / theory is that the EE, for now, is over. It will be continued later. Open your owns instead of being blinded by your own naivety.
  4. This is EXACTLY what I mean! I am only using BirdDog Dan as a platform. Do you not understand that the EE is over? I am merely saying that the hysteria caused by this BirdDog Dan thing proves that this has gone too far now. Please tell me what this quote is.
  5. My computer has been broken for the last couple of days. When I come back, I find that the CoDZ forum has descended into utter delirium, which, quite frankly, is embarassing. I have looked through all the threads that have been of significance in the last few days (most notably BirdDog Dan), and I am absolutely astounded. I am shocked that this forum, which in the past has come up with the most intelligent and in depth theories which, while crazy, are incredibly plausible. However, ever since this whole Easter Egg thing began, it seems that all logic and plausibility has been thrown out of the window. In a blind frenzy, people have been looking for the asnwer that they will not be able to find. Hundreds, if not thousands, of "continuations" have been 100% disproved. Yet the community on this forun seem to be obsessed over this one guy - BirdDog Dan. I don't care what type of cryptic messages he spouts out all over the damn shop, nor do I care about his claims that he is legit. This is getting ridiculous. A guy that you have never met and know nothing about is giving you implausible and mad "clues" tangled amongst his crazy ramblings. He talks as though he is a "missionary" with a job to do. So I beg everybody, PLEASE STOP THIS. It's over. Nothing of any significance regarding the continuation of the EE has come to light in the last week. And when I say "significance", I don't mean a poem, or a mysterious forum poster whose every word is analysed to death, or cryptic tweets, but something which SHOWS that there is something more. Give it up and do something else. This is infuriating to watch. I am not trying to start an argument, or attack anyone directly. I am just asking you all to give this up now. Step back and think about it please!!!
  6. Spider has made a video on it - he also references this thread: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_ud6oT9WN0&feature=plcp Start spreading that laundromat video! 0_o hopefully he'll be able to replicate it..
  7. StopThePro

    The Wires!

    It has always amused me since Ascension regarding Easter Egg continuations. I love watching people blindly following a guy who says that he "got into the PPSH room" or "got into the ice cave". It almost makes me laugh when people get into "EE teams" to try this theory out when it is obviously wrong. Still, you have to admire their faith, and I am in the camp that believes Green Run will contain the biggest Easter Egg Treyarch have ever made. But I'm pretty sure that right now there is no way to continue the Easter Egg until a new DLC comes out. Anyhow, it is quite cool seeing the imagination of various people come out!
  8. StopThePro

    The Wires!

    I think he's the most realistic person on this forum! I remember back in Ascension, with those wires attached to that box etc., but yet nothing came of it. Yes it's a good idea but i'm sure someone has tried it already!!
  9. Let's all be realistic here. If there was a continuation of the EE, it would have been found by now. However, I can easily be wrong and so I encourage people to continue thinking up ideas regarding the EE. One thing that seems to have stumped everyone is the addition of the navcards into the game. As I am sure you have all guessed, "navcard" most likely means "navigation card", and the only thing even remotley related to navigation would be the bus, driven by the robot T.E.D.D. Of his many quotes, one that stands out would definitely be: "New route learned. Cross-referencing mapping software. Automatic Route Guidance still in effect." This obviously indicates a change in the programming of the bus driver, T.E.D.D. It does not take a genius to perhaps link the navcards to the robot, but as of yet no - one has been able to use the navcards on the obelisk or T.E.D.D. Of course, in the EE itself you are required to build the navcard machine, but you are unable to use it. In my opinion, the reason the navcard machine is built during the EE is because Treyarch want us to know about it it's existence, and to be aware that such a device exists on the map. Therefore we are bought to the tricky question of what the hell you're meant to do with your navcards and the machine. Although there are some theories regarding the continuation of the EE, or perhaps merely changing the route of the bus driver around Green Run (which is just lame), I think that it's use will not become available until after a new DLC has been a released. If you think about it, there is one thing that all players have in common, and that is a lack of new DLC, and therefore a new zombie map. My theory is that perhaps the bus will take us to the new map. We will still be able to play it as a stand alone version (ie. where there is no parts of Green Run at all), but it will be an additional feature in Green Run. I believe that as more DLC is released, the map will expand. Perhaps, even the bus can go back in time, hinting at a possible reincartnation of the Nacht map. What I am trying to say is that perhaps the EE will be continued through the introduction of new DLC which leads to an extension of the map. Another idea could be that along with a new zombie map all on its own, the download will also include an update for the Green Run map, explaining more of the storlyine as a whole. If you would like to ask any questions (I'm not the best at describing ideas), please ask!!
  10. Can you please link me to this? I have yet to find these audio clips, but I have had them forced down my throat a lot!! :P
  11. Just as the naysayers started to step in . Would have linked in my post, but posted from phone. Nahh, I hate to be negative but the main guy on that thread (DeathBrigerZen) is just trolling those poor guys. This is almost identical to EEs of the past..
  12. The Activison Community thread was fairly funny to read. In my opinion, the EE is in fact over. Yes there's a chance i'm completely wrong, but come on! There would be some sort of inclination that the EE isn't over. I think the red orb around the light is just showing that the EE is complete. This reminds me of just less than 2 years ago, with Ascension. People were coming out and saying that they had the "next part" of the Easter Egg (if I remember correctly it was to do with that blocked out room near Quick revive). People spent hours and hours flying around the map, looking for the "PPSH room" and a fourth landing pad. Then it just turns out one person was trolling. This is exactly what's happening in the thread in the Activision Community (DeathBrigerZen). However, just reading some of the threads on here have been great. You all have really good ideas, and some of you have the entire Zombies storyline on the back of your hand. The triangle thing is a great idea and I wish you luck with your search. And so i'm sorry if I am wrong, but this all stinks. Tomorrow I bet there'll be someone saying that you can get inside the bunker with Marlton on Nuketown! Maybe I should post on the Activision thing that "beware of the 6!" in Kino der Toten is a direct reference to the fact that two triangles have 6 sides.
  13. Alpha, no problem! And thank you for this: I complete wrote off my idea a year ago when COTD ended up in Serbia. Foolishly enough I forgot to check whether the lighthouse on the board corresponded to the one in COTD. FAIL. I can't imagine there being another map featuring a ship and a lighthouse, so I think that that particular picture is just there to link with the storyline. The boards are probably the most important things regarding the storyline, and progression, of the zombies storyline. Firstly, the question arises as to how the boards got there in the first place, and, seeing as they showed pictures of Kino der Toten back in CoD 5, they serve as a rough storyboard of the whole thing. If someone could just completely "decode" all three, pretty much the whole story could be unravelled. Have you got any ideas about the dates found on each board? I had a hunch for the first date, September 3rd, which was the declaration of war, but it occurred on a Sunday, not a Thursday!
  14. Alpha Snake, not a bad idea at all! Also, if you look on the map, the Isle of Sheppey is located next to the Thames Estuary. Now, what if the explosion caused 115 to infect the Thames? I quote from Wikipedia: "The Thames itself provides two thirds of London’s drinking water while groundwater supplies about 40 per cent of public water supplies in the total catchment area." 115 in the water supply might cause a zombie outbreak in London!
  15. Oh my god yes, playing as Churchill would be awesome! I do think that the shipwreck that occurred in WW2 has something to do with the storyline. Maybe they were Wonder Weapons or something? Heck, I don't know, there's far too many gaps to make sense of anything!
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